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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The "Small World" Apartment

My roommate and I lived in an apartment for two years while going to college (well, Jaime lived there three years). It was in a really large complex of probably 20 buildings, tucked way in the back by the clubhouse. We have officially dubbed the apartment the "Small World" apartment. And here's why...

My roommate took a job in Eaton Rapids when I was a Senior. Eaton Rapids is maybe 45 minutes southwest of this apartment. When she was filling out the paperwork for the job, the vet was glancing over her shoulder and exclaimed, "1305 Beaujardin #306?? I used to live there!" My roommate kind of blew her off thinking, "Sure you did, what are the odds?" But then the vet went to describe the exact location of the apartment and it's layout and gossiped about the land-lord. An odd coincidence, to be sure.

Last week, our friend, Aaron (Nebraska Aaron), was catching up with some of his friends from high school who attend Michigan State. They told him to come over to their apartment to watch TV with them, so he asked for directions, and they told him it was in Dover's Crossings. "Oh," he said, "I know Dover's pretty well, my friends used to live there." So, they go on to tell him to take Beaujardin and follow the signs for the clubhouse... and he said, "Are you in 1305?? Number 306??" And they were. Weird.

What is that about being six people removed from knowing everyone in the world?...

Everybody now! "It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all! It's a small, small world!"
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I can't believe that. You should have hidden notes in the walls. Also, that's the scariest ride I've ever been on. Thanks for getting the creepy song stuck in my head. :)

31/5/05 14:01  

Seriously, this sounds like a page out of some horror flick. You know where all these strange "coincidences" lead up to the screaming female being stabbed by the the male stalker. . .
Oh maybe that was just the movie I just watched. . .or maybe not. . .

1/6/05 11:58  

REEET! REEET! (That's the scary, sqreatching music - in case you couldn't tell.)

Yup totally weird. Coincidence was the first time we met someone who lived in our apartment. The second time is creepy, if it happens again... *shudder*

1/6/05 12:15  

haha. yes. it was more creepy to be the one revisiting the apartment. I had this strange urge to jolt into the first room on the right and throw bra's around the room... and men live there... weird?

3/6/05 12:35  

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