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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Honest to Goodness Truth

Hope none of my readers mind brutal honesty, because that's what you're going to get in this entry. If you do mind brutal honesty, you may want to skip this entry and read a different one. "FED Files Volume IV" is a nice, light, quick read; "Things I Wonder About" is likewise pleasant, yet thought-provoking. There are two suggestions. But if the truth is what you seek, then read on, but at your own risk.

I'm officially exhausted and burnt out. Can I go back to High School now? Last night, I was unpacking my bag, from going over to Detroit for the weekend, and was putting stuff on the counter when my texture cream kept falling over; I kept picking it up and setting it upright again. It was like a bad clown routine. I was so tired that I had to blink to focus.

Usually, in the mornings I wake up briefly when the sun comes up, and roll over; or if it's really bad, I'll turn my face into my pillow. Well, this morning I woke up to my blaring alarm clock and my face already in my pillow, and a big, huge crease all the way down my face. I hit my alarm clock for literally an hour and was 30 minutes later than usual (we have flex-time, so I can't technically be late) which means I have to stay later than usual....

Tonight's agenda? Running, grocery shopping, Piston's game (which I might be tempted to skip but my roommate wants to watch it as well and we don't have cable so we'll actually have to go somewhere: a friends, Champs, but somewhere other than 3 feet from my bedroom). Just thinking about it makes me tired. I need a vacation, but I just got back from vacation....

I have been picking my nails for nearly an hour now. Whoops, just bit one off. Doggone.

What does it mean when you're 24 and you're exhausted? I don't think it means much of anything except that I need to get some sleep.... I'm so tired.

And the weather is so beautiful. I want to be outside, sleeping on a beach somewhere, not cooped up in blue cube in Battle Creek....


Henceforth I plan on being charming and optimistic on my blog. However, I'm neither charming nor optimistic today. Thanks for reading.

posted by Julie at 1:03 PM


Jules, Keep your head up. . .until you get home:)

6/6/05 16:21 I'm depressed and tired.

6/6/05 17:04  

wow, Julie.
24 and exhuasted....been there.
in fact, I think you might'a just put me right back there.
hope today's goin' better!

7/6/05 17:36  

Just do what I do when you feel old...


9/6/05 11:15  

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