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Friday, June 03, 2005

Have you every had one of those days were you were like, "Ugh." Well, unfortunately, that's how I've been literally all week.
So this morning (when I finally woke up) I looked at my alarm clock and said, "I need to be in my car in 18 minutes."


*roll over*


"I need to take this afternoon off." So, I came into work (on time I might add), and filled out a leave slip for this afternoon, so now I will go and de-ugh myself. Have a good weekend.
posted by Julie at 11:50 AM


Neglect. Complete neglect. After all of the blogworthy entertainment I've given you throughout the me back!

3/6/05 12:42  

Deep breaths, Aaron. Deep breaths. :)

6/6/05 08:48  

Oh sister I gotchya. I feel like I have been there the last two weeks! I hear matches on fire in the toe region does wonders to give you dancin' feet.

6/6/05 12:02  

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