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Monday, June 13, 2005

What I Learned In Class Today

I am in "Introduction to Logistics" this week. Here's what I learned so far in class.

Airplane: 200,000 spare parts flying in close formation.

Random Fact
The "Patriot missile" was created after we asked Germany if we could use small nuclear devises to shoot down Russian planes. The Germans thought that was inappropriate.

Useful Skill
Sleeping in class quickly becomes an acceptable way to spend the afternoon, if you slide into conversation that you should be getting your blood work (to determine if you have Mono) back soon.

The opposite of a "light bulb" (you know, the kind that cartoon characters have over their heads when they realize something) is a "mud ball".

They say you learn something every day. Imagine how successful a day is when you learn four things. :)
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If I were a cartoon character there would be a light bulb above my head right now...or maybe a mud ball...or a light bulb...wha..?? Now I've thoroughly confused myself. Yup, it's been that kind of a day.

13/6/05 17:38  

now you can completely let your mind vegetate for 3 days since you're ahead on the learning curve!

14/6/05 09:20  

one day of vegitation down. two more to go. :)

14/6/05 16:26  

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