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Friday, June 10, 2005


Currently in Battle Creek, Michigan, it is hazy, 86 with a realfeel of 96. (It can stay like this all summer.)

Currently in Federal Center, people are sporting some pretty nifty bermudas and Hawaiian shirts. (It pretty much can't stay like this all summer.)

Currently I'm finishing my fifth 20 oz. bottle of water (I'm in the water club).

Currently I am bored (almost to tears).

When I was in school days like today were spent gazing out the window (a pastime that perpetually showed up on my report card). When I was in college days like today were spent skipping classes, and frying by the pool. When I worked at HoneyBaked days like this were spent hiding in the back with the door closed and locked so I couldn't get back in (without going to the front).

But currently? Currently, on a day like today, I am sitting in a little blue cubicle, the blinds are closed (for my fellow cubies), my desk is completely organized (each stack is paper-clipped and in order), and I have absolutely nothing left to do.

So, what will I do with my final hour and a half of working hours? Daydreaming is pretty high up on my priority list, I'll probably wind up discussing the bad call on Ben Wallace (during the Pistons game last night) for the 6th time, and maybe I'll wander down to the library. Only on Fridays do we get to be so unproductive (actually I was super productive this morning - hence the no work right now).

So currently, it's a hot, humid Friday in Michigan. A day that brings all new meaning to the phrase "Lazy Hazy Summer Days". Ahhhhhh.....
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I'm sorry, the what club?

10/6/05 17:32  

the water club

13/6/05 09:21  

for someone who lives in a city with "Water and Ice" stores, you'd think you'd understand a water club. :)

13/6/05 09:22  

and what do you do? have meetings and discuss water? :)

13/6/05 12:37  

nope, we pretty much stand around the water cooler and "catch up" on everyone's weekend. we also get to take random breaks to refill our water bottles. all this and more for the small fee of $2.99/month.

13/6/05 16:17  

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