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Monday, June 20, 2005

Feel Free To Comment

It has recently come to my attention that people have been reading my blog and not leaving comments. I pressed my silent readers for an excuse, and found a recurring theme. It sounded something like, "I have nothing to add/say." After some short analysis, I have found this to be more true than not. Indeed, unless it is a blatant survey, most of my posts do not require much or any response. So, even if you have nothing to add/say, please feel free to pop in and say "hi" to everyone if you'd like to (if you read my comments on other people's blogs you will see I rarely have anything to add/say either. *wink*). I specifically put the "Anonymous Comment" on my blog so that people wouldn't have to go through the hoopla of signing up for an account just to say hello. So, it's there, feel free to use, but whatever you do, please remember to sign your name at the bottom of the "Anonymous Comment" so I know who you are.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

posted by Julie at 11:02 AM


I was reading about beekeeping yesterday, and I decided that as soon as were living in Michigan again and have a house with land, I'm going to have a hive. I know you'd love to help me with it. :D

20/6/05 12:30  

Oh, and Get Fuzzy is especially funny today.

20/6/05 12:31  

Hey Julie :)

I don't think i've ever met ya, but i followed a link on someone elses blog to yours and i check it every once in a while. good stuff, keep it up!

20/6/05 12:50  

Hey Julie~ Sorry....was I one of the silent readers that spurred on this post? I did mention that to you this weekend and thought that I may have been to blame for this tongue lashing (so to speak). Anyways, it was good to see you again... I hope you have a great week and I will try harder in the future to frequently visit your blog and leave comments.

20/6/05 12:54  

I'm totally sorry if that came off as a tongue lashing. I just had several people say that they read my blog, and I never hear from them, and so I just wanted people to say hi so I could follow links back to their blog, say hi back, etc. ;) Thanks for the comment.

20/6/05 13:09  

Hahaha. Get Fuzzy was funny today.

20/6/05 13:19  

I have welts from this so called "tongue lashing" ;)

In all actuality, I am pretty sure this post wasn't directed towards me. I tend to be a fairly outcommentator (Is this the correct term? We use outspoken for someone who always speaks his/her mind, however on a blog, one does not actually speak; one comments)

20/6/05 16:13  

outcommentator is a good word. Since the word "blog" is not even found in the blog spell-check, i think you can safely introduce a word like outcommentator.

20/6/05 16:35  


I don't know who these so called silent people are, but seriously, I think you need to crack down on them and give them a good beating.

22/6/05 10:14  

;) I'm gettin' out the ol' whip! lol.

22/6/05 11:37  

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