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Monday, June 20, 2005

You Must Be An INTP

I was in Latty, Ohio this weekend and hung out pretty much all weekend with the same crew I hung out with the weekend before in Mansfield. It was mentioned by Doug Domka (did I spell that correctly??) last weekend that someone had recently greeted him by saying, "Doug, I've been thinking. You must be an INTP." For those of you whose brain has just short-circuited, an "INTP" is not an IQ or an animal, it's one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

Ironically, I actually am an INTP. And since I love all personality stuff, and think it's really interesting, I want to know what everyone else is. If you don't know, you can take a test. I chose this particular test mostly because I am and INTP and believe that precision is everything. There are tests that claim to be able to do it in 4 questions, but obviously an INTP would be skeptical about that.

So, here's the deal. Please leave your MBI personality type, if you think it's accurate, and maybe a little something about it. Each personality type also has names (which change depending on whose profile you read) like "advisor" or "enigma". If you find a profile that you think is particularly fitting, feel free to leave the link. It's like group therapy. I'll go first....

Hi, my name is Julie, I'm an INTP (aka the "Architect" and "Contrast"). I'm:

Your turn. :)

Disclaimer: As discussed with Dan, I really don't think you can squeeze people into boxes, but if you could, these are generally considered to be the best known boxes to squeeze people into :) .

posted by Julie at 11:15 AM


My Type:

Extroverted: 44%
Sensing: 1%
Feeling: 12%
Judging: 89%

20/6/05 13:49  

Hi, my name is Aaron (S.) and I am an ENFJ. I...

-See myself as a helper
-Juggle a number of responsibilities and projects simultaneously
-Have high charisma
-See the big picture
-Know and appreciate people

Other famous ENFJ's include:

Ronald Reagan
King David
Abraham Maslow (come 'on people... Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?!? Ya'll know this guy.)

*This is extremely weird since Dan and I were just talking about "Maslow's Needs" last night. Seriously.

I agree with some of the characteristics of an ENFJ, however I strongly feel I am much more analytical than what the description portrays. That, and I need to be very cautious about a test that places me in the same category as Sean Connery.

20/6/05 14:00  

Josh has always been an ENFJ with a mild E, mild N, mild F and strong J. But on this goofy test what does Josh get: ESFJ: 44,6,19,39%! What is up with that. Supposedly Josh is
moderately expressed extrovert

slightly expressed sensing personality

slightly expressed feeling personality

moderately expressed judging personality

I don't know about that.

20/6/05 14:22  

Hi Luke, Hi Aaron.

Luke - Have you read your profile?

Aaron - Sean Connery being an ENFJ bothers you but Ross Perot doesn't? LOL

20/6/05 14:22  

ENTJ ...ah, the things you do to waste time at work :)

slightly extrovert
distinctively intuitive
moderately thinking
moderately judging

It's recommended that I pursue either world leadership or cult leadership. That kind of scares me!

20/6/05 14:24  

Hi Josh, I read the profile for an ESFJ, and I have to admit... it kinda sounds like you.

20/6/05 14:29  

MY Type is
Extroverted 89%
Sensing 12%
Feeling 50%
Judging 56%

20/6/05 14:33  

Dan - go for world. When you get there, can you pass a law for employees to get three day weekends?

20/6/05 14:34  

Wow! A lot of you guys are ESFJ's! :) That's cool (except I feel out of the loop. lol).

20/6/05 14:36  


Anything is possible; everything is negotiable.
Perfectionists, with a seemingly endless capacity for improving upon anything that takes their interest.
Usually extremely private people, and can often be naturally impassive as well, which makes them easy to misread and misunderstand.

Other famous INTJs:
Susan B. Anthony
Peter Jennings
Donald Rumsfeld
John F. Kennedy
Arnold ya...I'm stopping...

20/6/05 15:29  

I changed! In college I was an ENFJ, but now I'm an INFP. I wonder if I've really changed so much, or if I felt differently toward the questions because my lifestyle is so different now.

20/6/05 15:33  



extroverted: 78%
sensing: 1%
thinking: 62%
judging: 56%

20/6/05 21:20  

56% Introverted
1% Sensing
25% Feeling
33% Judging

"Protector Guardian"
"They are not as outgoing and talkative as the Providers, except with close friends and relatives. With these they can chat tirelessly about the ups and downs in their lives, moving (like all the Guardians) from topic to topic as they talk over their everyday concerns."
Is that me or what?
Teaching, social work, nursing, secretarial work are traditional ISFJ careers.
And here I am in engineering???

20/6/05 21:36  

Beth - you bring up an interesting question. The fact of the matter is, people do change, I used to be considered an "E", but when I was about twenty I started noticing how tired I get after social events. As it turns out, I am what they call a "Gregarious Introvert." Someone who is somewhat out-going and yet prefers to be alone.

Dona - you're right. :) that sounds a lot like you.

Ash - Welcome!

21/6/05 08:42  

So, I took it again this morning. Pretty similar. I'm still an ESFJ.


Extroverted: 67%
Sensing: 50%
Feeling: 50%
Judging: 89%

I did read my profile. The J. Butt one is kinda abstract.

I'm a "Provider Gaurdian"...hmm..

Read this tell me if you think it fits. I don't know. I think I might post about this.

21/6/05 09:23  

I love stuff like this! I wonder if the strength of your profile depends on the time of day. I took it again last night, and I was 65% introvert! Everything else was stronger too.

21/6/05 10:13  

They have done so much research on the MB Indicator. There's a lot of reasons why you'd score higher in the evening. Probably it's mostly because the whole test isn't as much about how you behave as it is about what you prefer. If you PREFER certain things (like being alone), you may have to put it off to the side for a while so that you can do your job, go to school, etc. But when you're home for the evening, you may feel more strongly about wanting to be left alone (or for extroverts to go out with their friends). That's one of the theories.

Luke - what do you think? Do you think it fits you? I'm not trying to be evasive, I'm just curious if you think it's accurate. Try Googling your type. You'll find all sorts of stuff.

21/6/05 10:31  

Luke - Nevermind, I read your post and (on Luke's Blog) that answered my question.

21/6/05 10:38  

Hey Luke I took the test again myself this afternoon and I came out even stonger on the ESFJ scale.

ESFJ's are guardians, generous entertainers, bleeding hearts, and generally overprotective by the sounds of it.

We tend to show our feelings really easily. ISNT THAT EXCITING!!!

21/6/05 14:30  

:) Deep breaths, Josh. Deep breaths. Don't mind me, that's the INTP talking.

21/6/05 14:37  

well i'm an ESFP. I fall into about 10% of the population..i'm a feelings guy!! and i love to shop :( some of this just plain scared me..but other parts were okay..and i used yg stuff as my "Parties"..cuz i learned thats what i love to do...
and luke...yeah its you...:)

21/6/05 22:02  

Hey Julie,

This is Kristin and I am an ESFJ. Thanks for posting that link, I have some friends who refer to themselves as "letters" and I've always wanted to take the test.

;) Great weekend ;)

21/6/05 22:52  

Tony and Kristen - HEY! Thanks for commenting!

This is really fun. I love checking everyone's profile. And Tony - I can see it. Maybe not quite everything, but I can definitely see it.

22/6/05 09:54  

Ok Julie, my first comment EVER. And only because being an ESFP, I felt I should say something before you started mentioning names..! Ok so here are my details! I attempted to read the description of an ESFP, but got bored, so hey you're curious....look it up yourself..hahaha!

•moderately expressed extrovert

•moderately expressed sensing personality

•distinctively expressed feeling personality

•distinctively expressed perceiving personality

22/6/05 10:11  

LOL! I think that you got bored with it is very ESFP of you! LOL!

22/6/05 10:20  


My name is Doug. I am an INTP. While I think the profile matches many of my traits, my lifelong goal has always been to be a Cult leader seeking world domination.

That or one of those guys who gives you a towel after you wash your hands in those fancy restaurants.

22/6/05 10:54  

Doug, we should talk. ;)

22/6/05 11:10  

LOL! Hey, Doug.

Pinky and the Brain - Part II Doug and Dan

22/6/05 11:35  

PS. Doug - did I spell your name correctly?

22/6/05 11:45  

Yes. Though I do prefer to be called "Doug Hero of Socialist Labor". I mean the company I work for has reached 100% quality under my watch. Granted we are closing next week and moving to Mexico, but still 100% quality. I'm like a Quality Assurance Guru.....or something.

22/6/05 11:56  

Doug, Hero of Socialist Labor, huh? I'm a FED, can I make that into an acronym, it's too long. How 'bout "Doug HSL" or "Doug HoSL" or we could make a word out of that acronym and call you "Doug Hossle"...

22/6/05 12:52  

Doug... good to see you are back. You've really been slacking lately with your random, incoherent babblings.


22/6/05 12:54  

I will most likely continue with my random thoughts. I took a bit of a break to see if anyone would miss them. (Nobody did, except aaron. I wonder about him sometimes)
I would actually start a blog and post them but I don't think my family deserves the embarassment. Also my mother asked me if I didn't have anything better to do during the work day. I of course answered a truthful NO.

I just learned that I will be kept on longer than everyone else. I'll be here until after the plant closes the doors on the 30th. Looks like I must be an important asset to the company. I'm not sure why. I really haven't worked much since Feburary. I'm so totally bored.

Looks like I'm going to have to write another childrens book. "Billy the Boring Kid with Fuzzy Hair" didn't win over any publishers but I'm not easily detered from my goals.

OK. Enough. I must get back to checking my email every five minutes. Unemployment...why do you mock me with your sweet relaxing promise? Why do you choose everyone around me and laugh cruel and uncaring in my face?

22/6/05 13:50  

That's what I'm talking about. I've missed you bro.

-Aaron *wipes tear from face*

22/6/05 14:05  

And thus concludes more random thoughts by Doug.....

22/6/05 18:32  

Doug - Welcome to my world. I sit here with my email open all day and use it like IM since the firewall prevents me from actually downloading it.

23/6/05 08:26  

Well, I am able to IM. I still check my email all day, and now this blog. I also check my bank account some days just to see stuff clear. I also listen to classical stations in london over Media Player. It's the same music as they play in the U.S. of course, but in between I hear the English accent and listen to stupid English commercials. I need a government job by the way. Any job where it's almost impossible to get fired is for me.

23/6/05 09:51  

Cummon Doug, you're not getting fired, you're just being 'let go'

23/6/05 09:58  

Oh, yeah. Thanks Beth. That completely changes my outlook on things. I just watched Pollyana, maybe we should play the glad game. I'm so very glad because now I can sit at home and become a maid for my mother while not making any money.'s a stupid game. I don't want to play it anymore.

23/6/05 10:05  

LOL! I was never much of a sucker for the glad game either. Obviously there were no INTP's in Pollyanna's town.

And Doug, like beth said, don't think of it as be "fired". Think of it as being "down-sized," your job is being "elimiated."

23/6/05 10:15  

Doug I believe that unlike Pollyanna, you would view a glass half have to look on the bright side of life, I mean, just be happy you have a job, there are millions of poor.....ok I'll stop...

23/6/05 10:25  

I am happy. Tomorrow is Friday and that is a good thing.

23/6/05 10:43  


I always have a big plan. My last plan flopped because I got too tired chasing after my kids. I wanted to have a huge garage sale where I collected all the young mothers discards and sell it for charity. Actually, I love going through other people's junk.
Julie hates the fact that I shop at the Goodwill. But hey, everyone benifits!


24/6/05 23:47  

I have friends who have bought really awesome suits at Goodwill. My thrifting has been met with disaster. I would still like to buy a suit from Goodwill, however, and convert it into a shorts/sleeveless suit. Then i'd wear a dork English hat and dress shoes with my socks pulled up. For no reason really...other than it would be cool. Or not.

27/6/05 08:07  


Where'd your web log go? Are you hiding it? :)

27/6/05 10:38  

Um. I took it off public listing. That's about it. Maybe you checked it right as I was republishing?

I didn't want anymore abortion adds etc. Or some 40 something guy from California telling me I was messed up.
I could ask my mom who lives in Ohio and she could tell I'm messed up.

27/6/05 14:04  

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