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Friday, June 24, 2005

Definition Of A Fan

Someone who can accept setbacks knowing that the game was laboriously played and that the team will be restored (alternate definition: someone who doesn't have a death threat out on Prince).

"Success isn't final and failure isn't fatal."
-Winston Churchill
posted by Julie at 7:18 AM


Not to argue, but if your parachute fails....well it's fatal. In your face Winston!

24/6/05 08:55  

It's the spirit of the quote, here, Doug.

24/6/05 09:54  

I know. I was just being a's fun and I'm good at it.

24/6/05 09:58  

:) Now that's modesty for ya

24/6/05 11:04  

Hey Doug, have you read Get Fuzzy today?

24/6/05 12:55  

Why yes I have. The rather bulbous stomachs aways make me feel ill. But it's still an amusing comic.

24/6/05 13:55  

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