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Monday, June 27, 2005

Big Decisions

This morning I woke up with a headache. I hate it when days start like that. But then I went outside, and it was gorgeous. It's fair with haze and 83 degrees. Rock on, this is my kind of weather.

On the way to work, I decided to see how far my car can go with the gas light on. I'm actually curious, because usually I'm so paranoid, I fill it up the second I see the light pop on, but I want to know how many miles I can actually squeeze out of it. I'm up to 32.8 miles right now. Obviously, I'm in an adventurous mood today, so maybe now would be a good time to make many important decisions. Here's a few of the problems I intend to face today:
  1. Should I take Friday off (I've already got next Monday and Tuesday off)?
  2. Should I work over today?
  3. Should I start running again this week?
  4. Should I get a pair of bermudas for Wally World (I promise to explain what Wally World is later)?
  5. Should I leave the air-purifier in living room or move it upstairs?
  6. What kind of lotion should I buy to replenish my work supply?
  7. Should I get more chap-stick when I go to the Meijer tonight, or is two tubes enough?
  8. Should I get Chicken Salad or a deli sandwich in the caf at lunch today?

As you can plainly see, I have many life-altering decisions facing me this week. But I think I'm up for it.

posted by Julie at 10:39 AM


Is this the same Wally World from the Griswald family vacation?

Also, Air purifiers. Now, if you purify the air shouldn't it smell better than before? I was just at a house that had one, and I'd have to say that it makes me ill to my stomach. I'd take the "i live one mile from a pig farm" smell any day over the, chemical purified smell.

27/6/05 11:45  

Wow. These are big decisions. It's a good thing you're sooooo adventurous by nature. . .sticking yourself out there like that!

27/6/05 12:21  

Ummm... the air purifier basically pumps 03 (yes, I know that's Ozone) into the room. It doesn't smell bad, it mostly smells like air, but kinda like line-dried cloths. I wouldn't bother with an air purifier, but my roommate has a ferret and the ferret smells worse than any air purifier, and it's a toss up wether it smells worse than a pig farm.

And since the Wally World from Griswald Family Vacation is imaginary, it's not the same. :) Actually, it's an excuse for my dad's family to get together and play wiffle ball every Fourth of July.

Josh - I know, I know. It's amazing I'm not more stressed out. You'd think that with all that I'd feel harried.

27/6/05 12:36  

Speaking of Wally World...

I had my picture taken with Marty Moose this past weekend.

27/6/05 12:39  

Julie~ Buy more chapstic REALLY, you can never have too much! And I hope you have AAA, because I would hate to be stuck on a highway in MI w/o gas. Haha, HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!

Doug~ Ozone?

Aaron~ Cute couple ;)! Haha! Hope you had a good weekend!

27/6/05 13:24  

Don't fear, I'm feeling adventurous enough for a hike on the expressway. :) I just remembered that I have also forgotten my cell phone. So, I really would have to hike. :)

27/6/05 13:28  

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