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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I made it 34.6 miles before I got gas because after that gas station there wouldn't be another one for another 32 miles and since I forgot my cell phone, I thought I'd stop and get it while the gettin' was good.
posted by Julie at 9:28 AM


I once thought I had engine trouble because it kept stalling. I drove it a short distance for literally a week with it stalling on me every day. Later on I found out the gas gauge was broken and that I had been on empty all week. I later painted the car camo and gave it to my neighbor. After I tried to convert it to a snow plow of course.

28/6/05 09:33  

...and Julie, you make fun of people living in the Big M, seriously, what is wrong with you?

28/6/05 10:12  

No kidding. We don't even compare with a camo-painted car with no cognizance of the gas gauge. :)

28/6/05 11:09  

You only went 32 miles? Pathetic. Where's that sense of adventure that was so poignant yesterday?

28/6/05 13:53  

Seriously. You should have ran it until you were out of gas, and then pushed your car as far as you could. That's adventure on the freeway.

28/6/05 14:23  

I know, I know.... I wimped out after my car barely started after work, and 2 miles without air conditioning.

28/6/05 14:34  

Really, for shame...this is my plan, run out of gas on some random street in Mansfield (on a day that I am wearing pants....haha) and see how many people from church pass by me...ok, well that was mean, but you know it's true...nothing else to do around here!

29/6/05 00:08  

Is that like the guy who wanted to preach about "the good samaritan" and went and pretended that he was in trouble to see who'd help him?

Also, how come every time I click on your name it says you have a blog, but then when I click on the blog link, it doesn't work?

29/6/05 08:25  

Because, being an ESFP, I got really excited to start a blog...and STARTED it, but umm well I didn't actually get around to Posting in it yet...Someday Julie....Someday....


29/6/05 09:49  

LOL! You ESFP you! LOL!

29/6/05 10:38  

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