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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rose Colored Glasses

A few weeks ago I made a purchase of a pair of hideous 1980's-sized sunglasses for the bargain price of $18.55 at Pac Sun. Not only are they hideous in the 1980's way, they're also hideous in the astro-girl way. So, they kind of wrap around my face. I think it should be noted that I don't have a very large face, so most sunglasses look big, much less a pair that was meant to look big. They literally cover half of my face.

Happily, these nifty shades are a transparent brown, and the actual "glass" matches the frames. So, when looking through these brown glasses, everything has a pinkish hue.

I wore them to the DRMS Employee Appreciation Day Picnic, and took a little teasing for wearing the exact same pair of sunglasses that so-and-so wore 20 years ago. During the banter, they were taken off my face and tried on by various co-workers, one of whom declared them to be like looking through rose colored glasses.

I've pondered this, and they are quite a bit like looking through rose colored glasses. I have to admit this newly discovered characteristic has been coming in pretty handy. I realize that this is in all probability my last summer in Michigan (pending transfer and all), and what better way, I ask you, to see one last Michigan summer than through rose colored glasses?
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You go ahead and look through your rose colored glasses Julie and in doing so...just sing happily along.....

With all the noise in the background
He says, “what are you doing here all by yourself?
Why can’t a woman have a drink alone without crying for help?
He says, “oh no no no no, that’s not what I mean!
Then he spills his drink on my new blue jeans
You think I’d be just a little more cynnical
But love don’t come easy so for now I’ll just wear my...

Rose colored glasses
They only see what they wanna see and my
Heart always crashes without my rose colored
Rose colored
Rose colored glasses
They only see what they wanna see and my
Love can turn to ashes without my rose colored
Rose colored glasses
(as sung by Jennifer Brown)

29/6/05 14:42  

I wish I could look at life through rose colored glasses. I'm pretty sure mine are spray painted black.

29/6/05 15:44  

For some reason, every time I hear that phrase (rose colored glasses that is) the song about the (pardon this beforehand because I usually just hum most of it) "...going to get myself a pair of cheap sunglasses..."

Anyone know that song? I can never remember who sings it and the lyrics to the rest of the song. That is the only part I know.

Help me out here folks. I'm grasping...

29/6/05 15:52  

Doug - you can purchase your own pair of rose-colored 80's sunglasses at Pac-Sun for a mere $17.50 plus tax.

Ladies - can't help you, I don't know either song. Hey Brooke, is there a way to upload sound onto your blog (like if it's part of a video or something)? Because maybe you should hum it and upload it so we all can hear it. LOL

29/6/05 16:42  

I would like to see MI one more time blind folded which is kind of funny since I would. . .pretty much be. . .blind. I don't see where this is going. . .

29/6/05 23:31  

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