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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Things I Should Write A Book About

It occurred to me while I was sitting at lunch that sit-coms couldn't be made out of anything funnier than my lunch buddies. There is a total of nine of us (when we're all here), most of the time, however, only 5 or 6 show up on any given day. It is a circus, let me tell you. I'm surprised that I don't have to pay to attend. My lunch buddies include:

Today, it was the Contractor, the Grandmother, myself (the Intern), the Pack Rat, and the Stay-In-School, and they were discussing the side-effects of having one ear lower than the other. The Pack Rat thought one of the side-effects was craziness since she once knew someone who had one ear lower than the other and she was crazy. The conversation pretty much was downhill from there.

It was in the middle of this discussion, I thought to myself, I should definitely be writing a book about these people. It could be like "Tuesdays with Morrie" for the non-philosopher. I think I'll name it "Lunches with the Crazies". :) Then I thought that all the things that happen around me that are really hilarious and that I should be writing down before I forget them. So, I think I may compile a list of things that books should be written about. Maybe I'll just quit my job and become a "Book Concept Consultant". I bet that would be pretty marketable. Whadaya say? $75-$100/hour? Yup, I think I should. So many ideas, so little time to write.

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I think you should write a book about being a Book Consultant and writing a book about writing a .....

30/6/05 17:00  

Did you know that you were present at lunch twice. Is it possible for the same matter to occupy different spaces during the same time? hmmm......

1/7/05 08:38  

Good catch, Doug, thanks for the edit.

PS did you realize that the first sentence of your comment was a question and should have a question mark (not a period) at the end? lol

2/7/05 01:01  

You sound like the Breakfast Club. That's really funny...

You probably won't see this till Tuesday. Hope you weekend was great and you liked the beach.

I've been working on your Christmas present. Can you guess?

2/7/05 01:12  

Yeaaaaaaa! You're making my Christmas present!!! Yeaaaaaaa!

I LOVE Christmas. And presents too. :)

3/7/05 15:21  

PS Is it bi-annual or semi-annual?

3/7/05 15:23  

What Christmas? It's annual.
I love Christmas too. That's why I have my list all written out and all my projects are starting to get planned. I'm very excited about it this year.

5/7/05 13:16  

I don't handle criticism very well. From now on we're not talking.

Now all messages will be handled through Beth. If you wish to comment please let her know. She will then let me know.

5/7/05 13:20  

Beth S. - Wow, I did that thing where I'm thinking about something and no one else is again. I was actually refering to "the Pack-Rat's" twice yearly garage sale.

Beth H. - Tell Doug I said that I'm "sorry"... er... I mean SORRY.

6/7/05 08:26  

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