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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Things I Haven't Done In A While

Lately, I have been really busy Friday through Sunday, and spend Monday through Thursday catching up on things like sleep, eating, cleaning, etc. So, obviously not having a whole day (like Saturday) to get things done has been whacking out my schedule, and I wind up doing things really fast and only doing half a job or not at all. So here's a few things I haven't done in a while.

Moral: I need a weekend off (or maybe since the work is really starting to pile up, two, three, or four weekends off).

posted by Julie at 8:35 AM


Things I haven't done in awhile:
Ok, I'll make this easier...for myself...things I have done recently:
1. watch movies
2. watch movies
3. watch movies
Yep, that's about it!

12/7/05 10:25  

I wish I could be like Sam, and be "Summering" in Pinconning.

12/7/05 10:42  

Is it a little warmish out there in PHX?

12/7/05 10:43  

Something I haven't done in a while is waste company time posting on blog site because there is nothing to do....oh ....wait....nevermind.

12/7/05 10:50  

lol... a little warmish... ha... warmish...

12/7/05 12:00  

By warmish I mean 120 degrees... remember, it's a dry heat.

12/7/05 13:09  

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