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Monday, July 11, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy

Last night, driving home from church, I realized I was in a really, really stinky mood. This morning I woke up not much better. But...... I notice there were things that helped me be in less of a stinky mood.
  1. A good, brainless movie (My roommate came home before I went to bed, and our friend Aaron [Nebraska Aaron*] came over and we watched "The Pacifier").
  2. A Big Mac (oh, oh, and greasy fries).
  3. Fast semi-trucks (every time I get behind a semi-truck on N Drive North I about flip out because they drive so stinkin' slow, and you can't pass them for 10 miles. But the guy I got behind this morning was really movin).
  4. My huge, eighties sunglasses.

So there you have it.

*"Nebraska Aaron" has asked to not be referred to as "Nebraska Aaron" anymore, because he's from Michigan, not Nebraska, and he just goes to school there. So, henceforth, "Nebraska Aaron" will be referred to as... "Nebraska Aaron" since I can't think of anything else to call him. :)

posted by Julie at 9:29 AM


Don't worry, Nebraska Aaron.

I've been called much worse than that.

(New York Aaron)

11/7/05 09:54  

Maybe if your aaron friends would be more cooperative and just change their names for the sake of your blogging ease, this kind of strife wouldn't happen.

11/7/05 11:15  

People always call me WonderDoug Protector of the Universe. And by people I mean just one. And by one I just mean me.

I'm sad. And by sad I mean pathetic. And by pathetic I mean...I can't believe I'm still following this stupid sequence.

11/7/05 11:44  

Beth - Agreed. I think I shall come up with new names for my Aaron friends.

11/7/05 12:55  

I've actually always wanted a friend named Clarence. I also don't know any Gilberts, Javiers, or Miltions. So, take your pick, gentlemen. :)

11/7/05 13:21  

Are you KIDDING me, Julie?!?! I watched The Pacifier last night, too! Crazy. And I wasn't even at movie night. ;-)

11/7/05 13:28  

And how about making muffins? Like....5 dozen? Does that make you feel like you're in a less stinky mood, too? Because I can totally help you out with that.... :-P

11/7/05 13:29  

Four dozen. I only have to bring four dozen. And ironically she called me last night and told me to forget about it. I forgot to add that to my list.

5. When people don't force me into responisibility.


11/7/05 13:40  

In my opinion the Pacifier was stupid and ruined Vin Diesel's Career. He should stick to "The Knockabout guys" level of acting.

11/7/05 13:49  

Wow! Thanks, Doug! A movie review on a Monday!

11/7/05 14:18  

I can't believe you guys watch movies.......

11/7/05 14:30  

So what your saying, Julie, is that watching the Pacifer helped. . .pacify your DARK mood? Amazing coincidence!

11/7/05 14:51  

I read the screen play.

11/7/05 14:52  

Ok. I lied. I didn't read the screen play but still it was stupid. Who was the Hollywood genius that thought up this idea. Oh lets have a Navy Seal who in the begining of the movie uses a wave runner (as if all terrorist are using wave runners?)to take out an entire band of bad guys. Of course like all movies he never gets hit by the spray of machine gun fire.

Anyway...after he has some really unmoving moments with his fellow horrible fake SEALs, he becomes a nanny for like a week with some kids who say hilariously adult things! Of course he talks like he's in the military all the time! And he wears an Assault vest all the time...except he puts bottles in it.
I haven't been this embarassed (and yes I was embarassed for the actors) since I forgot to wear socks to a concert when I was principal Second violin at school. (do you know what a black tuxedo and black shoes look like set against my white ankles?)

In closing...this was a visual piece of crap.

11/7/05 14:59  

Wow. A full review.

Thanks Doug.

11/7/05 15:49  

I used to use three pacifiers. I had one in my mouth and one in each hand. I was like...3 and I wouldn't give them up. Then one day, I went with my sister when she babysat for some triplets, and I gave each of them one of my pacifiers. I asked for them that night at home, and my mom reminded me what I had done with them. I went to sleep and never mentioned them again! What a mature youngster I was....if you get past the having three pacifiers at age three...

11/7/05 17:15  

HAHA. Just had to. Check it out. ;-)

12/7/05 02:23  

Nebraska Aaron is no more for the following reasons:

1. When people think of Nebraska they think of agriculture -- "Nebraska Aaron" hates nature, corn, and country people. It doesn't fit.

2. By categorizing your Aarons with their corresponding states, you're implicating socioeconomic stereotypes. ie... it makes New York Aaron so much cooler than me.

3. I am not registered to vote in Nebraska and I don't want to confuse Hillary in '08.

4. I'm from Lansing, I live down the road from you damn it. Why don't I just start calling you Kentucky Julie, it would make just as much sense.

With that said, I rest my case. Maybe I can be WonderDoug Protector of the Universe's sidekick -- ...Cabana Boy, Protector of the babelicious. I'll be back, I have to fight the deadly UV Rays out on the beach. have fun @ work loser

12/7/05 09:26  

Nebraska Aaron: You are SUCH a dork. Going to the beach on a random Tuesday.... I hope it rains and/or you get sun-burned. :) And since you have rejected "Nebraska Aaron", you will henceforth be Clarence.

12/7/05 09:35  

PS. "We" I love it.

12/7/05 10:49  

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