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Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's Been One Of Those Days

It's 8:30 and I've been awake for 2 hours. Already it has been one of those days when you're just out-of-it enough for things to go amok very quickly, and just aware enough to notice that everything has gone amok. I am referred to by several of my co-workers as the "AM-challenged girl," and this morning I understand why.

I woke up to slam off my alarm clock, and the shoulder that was hurting last night cracked very painfully and very loudly. If I hadn't already been laying down, I would have buckled it hurt so much. I woke up about 6 minutes late (which when you only give yourself 30 minutes to go from bed to door - 6 minutes is a lot), and my hair wouldn't dry (now it's kind stinking up in weird places). When I finally made it out of the bathroom, I couldn't find anything to wear, eat, etc. And on my way out the door, I noticed that Jaime brought in the mail. Shuffling through the mail, I found a personal letter from a last name I didn't recognize, so I snatched it and bolted out the door.

On my way to my car, I opened the envelope, it was a typed letter from my friend, Rob's, fiance. It regretfully informed me (and I'm assuming many others) that I had been "de-guested." Although I don't necessarily mind, I was still shocked that they had actually sent out letters de-guesting their closest friends and family. Incredible.

Once I got to the expressway I noticed that all five of Michigan's slow drivers were driving in front of me in the "fast" lane. Grr. I have quite a little commute to work, so I call people. This morning, it was my mom. Mid-story, I wandered into a bubble where I don't have a good signal. Lost the call. Double grr. Got to work late ( Than usual). When I got to the elevator, I noticed it was on the ground floor, and feeling smug that I wouldn't have to wait for 5 minutes, I reached over to push the "up" button. In slow-mo, my index finger moved towards the elevator button... Simultaneously, the elevator moved up to the second floor....

It's going to be a long, long day.
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Ok, Julie, just so you know, I do have teh day off so I will be here checking your blog unlike yesterday.....well I'll check it inbetween commercials/ that ok? Hahaha!

7/7/05 09:45  

When I don't dry my hair I get a asian afro. Your hair starts stinking up ...that's even worse!

7/7/05 09:51  

I want the day off! *whiny voice*

7/7/05 09:51  

Doug - I think I need a picture.

7/7/05 09:52  

hmmm...are you making fun of my constant picture posting? I think pictures add a new level to this web log crap.

7/7/05 10:17  

I can totally sympathize...with all of it but the lengthy daily commute.

7/7/05 10:21  

I'm not mocking your pictures, I just think and Asian afro is worthy of a picture

7/7/05 10:43  

You shall have your picture. Not today ...but soon.

7/7/05 10:57  


7/7/05 11:12  

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