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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kinda Like A Train-Wreck

I'm breaking my rule of posting pictures on my blog mostly because I thought this one was too funny to pass up.

This charming group is "the interns" and one of our three bosses, De. Front (Left to right): Dan, Sarah, & John. Back: Me, Aaron B (the one who got demoted instead of fired a couple of weeks ago), Casey, Lawrence, & De.

Aren't we a lovely and promising group? This photograph is the one that will be appearing in the DRMS World (our agency's newsletter) accompanied by an article discussing the intern program and such notable quotes as:
  1. "I like the intern program because I have no responsibility."
  2. "I'm like a used-car salesman, I make no guarantees on my work."
  3. "One of the biggest challenges of the intern program is getting up before 10."
  4. "I've traveled all over, Columbus, Ohio, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Warren, Michigan..."
  5. "The intern program is fun because mostly we have nothing to do."

You can plainly see how the retirees of DRMS will feel that they can retire now that the agency is resting in the very capable hands of the "next generation."

In the words of De after the interview, "Uh.... can I read that before it's published. I just want to make some quick edits..."

posted by Julie at 9:56 AM


What is wrong with posting a picture? Now I can relate better when you talk about work. Pictures = Fun.

7/7/05 10:18  

that's great!

7/7/05 10:20  

There's nothing wrong with pictures!... I just haven't posted any before and I've had my blog so long that not having posted any pictures now seems like a rule

7/7/05 10:45  

Beautiful picture....:) Looks like a lot of fun!! two movies many more to go??? Haha!

7/7/05 12:26  

my kind of day

7/7/05 13:05  

I love it! Aaron totally looks like the "pl*ya" you describe him to be.

7/7/05 14:10  

I somewhat took offense to that... until I realized you were talking to Doug and not Jules. :-)

*shakes fist at other people named Aaron*

...which leads me to...

*shakes fist at people who incorrectly spell my name, such as Aron, Arron, Aron, Aarron, and Erin*

7/7/05 14:59  

You will note that I spelled "Aron" twice. This is because it's the most common mispelled use of my name and it deserves to be mentioned twice.

7/7/05 15:25  

Duly noted Airon

7/7/05 15:31  

We get your drift, Aaraun.

7/7/05 15:51  

Yeah Airwrong that can be disturbing...

7/7/05 16:12  

Silence!! I will tolerate your insolence no longer.

7/7/05 16:14  

i didnt know anyone would have that much to sat about fruitbaskets. i am impressed with your vast knowledge on thjis subject. thanks for sharing it on a public forum. i will keep logging in to learn more. THANK GOD FOR FRUITBASKETS.

7/7/05 16:44  

I am confused.

7/7/05 17:09  

Yeah Fruitbaskets!

8/7/05 09:03  

I know a couple of fruitcakes.

8/7/05 11:02  

Baskets, Doug. Baskets

8/7/05 11:39  


8/7/05 13:14  

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