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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Names For My Aaron Friends

"Nebraska Aaron" has spoken. No more calling him "Nebraska Aaron" (and it had such a ring). So, I have decided to start calling him Clarence. So, I think we need to vote on names for my remaining three Aaron friends so that I'm not "categorizing Aarons with their corresponding states," whereby "implicating socioeconomic stereotypes. ie... [making] New York Aaron so much cooler than [Nebraska Aaron... er... Clarence]. So, I will list the Aarons not yet with an alias and follow up with a list of approved names to vote on.

New York Aaron
Work Aaron
Aaron P (from Detroit)

Possible Names (in alphabetical order):
Johann (for a classy flare)
Reynaldo (for a Spanish flare)

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is for entertainment value only and will not be used. Henceforth the Clarence previously known as "Nebraska Aaron", will be called by his true name, A-Ron Hoff-A-Meyer (or A-Ron for short).
posted by Julie at 10:49 AM


Does my vote count twice seeing as my future depends on the outcome of this vote?

-NY Aaron, but soon to be...

"The artist formally known as New York Aaron"

12/7/05 12:33  

Sure, Clyde, anything you want. :)

12/7/05 12:53  

How 'bout Petri dish #1, Petri dish #2 and Petri dish #3?

12/7/05 13:00  

How about we name everyone George Foreman?

12/7/05 13:02  

I think naming everyone George Foreman (though popular in the George Foreman family) would ultimately be just as confusing as leaving everyone Aaron. Good brainstorm, though.

I still like Eustice.

12/7/05 13:06  

Personally, I prefer the name Hector over Clyde. Hector provides a little Spanish flavor while also promoting cultural diversification... similar to that of Ray Mysterio except w/o the bulging biceps, neck popping veins, and the extremely short temper.

Actually, the only thing I have in common with Ray Mysterio is that I am a former wrestler.

Doug, you know what I'm talking 'bout.

12/7/05 13:24  

So, what you're saying, Clyde, is that you would prefer to called Reynaldo?...

12/7/05 13:41  

I guess that's better than Reynalda.

12/7/05 14:53  

Reynaldalina is even better.

12/7/05 15:13  

Doug, you stay out of this.

12/7/05 15:18  

Hector was totally my spanish name in high school. I think that would be even more confusing if the former NY Aaron who was briefly called Clyde but is now either Hector or Reynaldalina had the same name as I did 8 years ago...before any of you knew me.

See how confusing that is?

12/7/05 15:27  

NY Aaron votes:

Clyde: 1
Reynaldo: 2 (since Aaron get two votes)
Reynaldalina: 1

Anyone else got an opinion?

12/7/05 15:29  

NOT Hector: 1

12/7/05 15:30  

I like Hubert.

12/7/05 15:40  

Now my question is this does the former person now only a complex of names get a vote under each new pseudonymn?

How about Bernard or Walter. It gives one either a very "man of the people" thing or some one how is very smart (ie: Walter. . .walter. . .I knew a super genius once named Walter.)

12/7/05 15:45  

I knew a genius named Chris. Not too specatacular of a name. One Prodigy named Chris, another named Ellen, another named Michael, and another named Lisa.

I know of a doug who is an absolute retard.

12/7/05 15:50  

Doug - I like all 'Bert names. Hubert, Dilbert, Dogbert...

12/7/05 15:55  

Doug - I like all 'Bert names. Hubert, Dilbert, Dogbert...

12/7/05 15:55  

Julie I like repeating repeating myself myself

12/7/05 16:16  

Brooke, Petri dish? Are they "cultured" enough for such a name. . .it was pun guys.

12/7/05 16:16  

I think one of you should be named Julio. That way when you and Julie are hanging out by a school she can sing the Simon and Garfunkle song about " and Julio down by the schoolyard.."

12/7/05 17:40's been a long day...

12/7/05 17:40  

I can tell because I thought that was extremely clever. I'm going to look at that a groan tomorrow.

12/7/05 17:40  

Isn't Julio the name of a rapper?

Okay, okay... I will bestow upon myself that title which is mutually agreed upon by consensus of the general public.

Unless it that name turns out to be Reynaldo, Reynaldalina, Petri dish, or Doug.

I just couldn't handle that.

Come 'on people!! What's wrong with Johann??!! Can't you see me as a Johann?!

12/7/05 19:01  

Nope. Pretty much NOT a Johann. How 'bout Lyle (since Clyde doesn't work for you), or Morris?

Brooke - I laughed.

Josh - Haha

13/7/05 08:18  

Johann is an awesome name. How about Sebastian, or Wolfgang?

Personally I'm fond of Percy, Juseppie, and Bob.

13/7/05 08:54  

I like Bob too, but can we spell it BoB?

13/7/05 10:39  

Fbob with the f being silent.

13/7/05 14:33  

You want "Classy" Aaron? Doug has suggest Fbob (with a silent F), but for real flair how 'bout PhBob (with a silent "ph")??

13/7/05 15:02  

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