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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Things I LOVE (I mean LOOOOOVE)* About This Summer

Since this may (and I do emphasize may) be my last summer in good ol' Michigan, I am so (and by "so" I mean so) grateful for that this summer is the way it is. Here are my reasons.
  1. It's been hot (with an accent on the hot) which is great because I haven't warmed up enough to make it through the winter for a good 3 or 4 years now.
  2. It reminds me of 1999 which is the year I graduated from high school (a.k.a. the best - and I do mean best - year of my life) because 1999 was the last year with more than 5 days over 90 degrees.
  3. I get my first raise this summer.
  4. I get to play ping-pong on "breaks" at work.
  5. We got our air-conditioner cleaned meaning (so now we don't have mold being consistently pumped through our vents and making us cranky and our apartment stinky).
  6. The Michigan cherries rock this year (I get pounds - as in POUNDS - every single week, and been eating them ALL).

So that's why I LOVE (yes, love) this summer.

*Obviously the heat has been getting to me.

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Cool...I mean cool!

14/7/05 09:08  

I got some Rainier Cherries at the hippie market here in Ann Arbor...they are quite tasty (and by quite, I mean quite)

14/7/05 12:29  

at the... "hippie market"? Go ahead... I'm all ears. :)

14/7/05 12:48  

btw, thanks for the picture, Dan.

14/7/05 13:29  

Man Doug and Dan stoll the format for my response (and by response I mean not a whole lot to say).

14/7/05 14:37  

yeah we're pretty witty. And by witty I mean WITTY.

14/7/05 15:56  

yes, you are (and you know you are).

14/7/05 16:05  

Yup and by that I mean (YUP)

14/7/05 20:15  

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