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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Considering the last two posts, I think it's safe to assume that I am bored to tears (which is actually more than an assumption, it's crossed into the realm of reality). :) I also believe it is safe to assume that any other posting that happens today will likewise be a result of a severe boredom disorder (my ping-pong buddies are in class without me today).
posted by Julie at 8:58 AM


Mail me some of them cherries! :)

14/7/05 13:18  

Hmmmm.... ways to keep cherries from getting squished in the mail.... hmmmm.... maybe I'll send them in a cooler.

14/7/05 15:47  

It's a slow blog day. Nobody has really commented very much about anything. Not that I commented very much on your comments....who knows...maybe we're just all tired.'s a stupid joke.

Why was the bicycle standing on one leg (kickstand)? It was two tired.


14/7/05 15:54  

It IS a slow blog day. And I was really bored and could have used the entertainment. :) Doug, you coming up this weekend?

14/7/05 16:04  

For what? Actually no...I have a gig on Saturday.

14/7/05 20:15  

If I wasn't going up to D-town, I would definitely be a groupie this weekend.

You guys rock.

14/7/05 21:03  

Haha....thanks man. I don't think it would be fun to be groupie for a classical group. I mean, unless you like sitting on their tour bus and discussing the social effects of Stravinsky.

14/7/05 21:20  

dude, I've been following you (aaron) around on here all night. I'm like 15 minutes behind you. Sometimes less.

14/7/05 21:21  

"Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me?"

-John 14:9

Come on, Doug. How soon you forget. Does thou not remembereth Matt and Tami's wedding? How I stood(eth) in front(eth) of the entire reception hall while you guys were playing and made a complete dork(eth) of myself by clapping and yelling "Rock(eth) on!" as you guys finished?!

I am a true groupie, through and through.

14/7/05 23:05  

I do remember that! compliment by an AC ever!

15/7/05 00:01  

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