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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Things That Confused Me Before I Went To School

My oldest nephew is four years old and every time I talk to him I am reminded of how confused I was before I learned to read and before I went to school. Here are some of the things I honestly remember being confused about when I was Clark's age...
  1. I thought that Michigan was the country and the "America" was the state (Brooke, how's that for state spirit?).
  2. I thought that age was dependent on how soon your birthday was in the year. With my birthday in January, why were my parents (whose birthdays were in June and July) still older than me??
  3. I thought that in the chorus of the song "Rock of Ages", the words were, "all other ground is sinking sandals." (I think I picked this up from one of my older cousins, who was laughing about how much it sounded like "sinking sandals" one day and from then on all I ever heard in that song was "sinking sandals".)
  4. I thought that if babies really came from Heaven, they should remember it. (I was actually a little miffed that I didn't remember Heaven. -- Skepticism starts young.)

Little kids are pretty funny. There's more rattling around up there than we as jaded adults realize.

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I thought prostrate and prostate were the same word........How embarassing!

19/7/05 14:01  

Definitely State Spirit as a child. To have that much State Spirit, you must have been born in Kansas. Only Kansans have that much.
Tyler (my brother) totally thought age was dependant on the month. He would always argue that he was older than me because his birthday was in March and mine was in November.
And many. I think some of my favorite "versions" were
Low in the grave He lay - Low in the gravy lay
Precious Jewels - Flush the stools
In the Garden - Andy walks with me

19/7/05 14:44  

Andy walked with me too!

19/7/05 14:45  

I knew the words to Precious Jewels all too well, for a year, my mom babysat a little boy and I was rudely awaken every morning by him singing that song at the top of his lungs because he overheard my mom calling me Jules.

19/7/05 15:18  

awww that's sweet.

19/7/05 15:47  

Yeah, I still have nightmares, but yeah... kinda sweet.

19/7/05 15:57  

You know that song
"I got the love Jesus Down in my heart"

that last part of the chorus:
"I got love of Jesus down in my heart tuesday" instead of "I got love of Jesus down in my heart today" I was so confused what about the rest of days of the week?

1/8/05 18:56  

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