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Monday, July 25, 2005

For Posterity

Do you ever wonder what you were doing at a certain second in time? I ask this because I was just thinking about how if we knew that a moment would be historical we would want to remember everything about that moment. Example, if we knew that something amazing was going to happen today (July 25, 2005), we would want to remember everything, right? So, I think I'll write everything that's happened so far today (that I would want to be able to tell my grandchildren) just in case today turns out to be important.

This is like my own personal time capsule. These are the particulars of my life at age 24, at 9:00 on a Monday morning in July.

posted by Julie at 8:42 AM


Famous quote from this weekend (regarding employment):

"Does it really matter what we studied in college? All's we really do is surf the internet at work."

25/7/05 09:04  

Thanks for leaving that for posterity, Aaron. That is indeed a very true statement in 2005.

25/7/05 09:15  

I do not surf the internet. I simply research and document information of a non-work related nature using the electronic resource known as the "internet".

25/7/05 09:21  

$2.05 in Lansing, Michigan?!?! What is this?!?!

I paid $2.19 in Podunk, Kansas yesterday! What is this world coming to?!?!?!

25/7/05 09:24  

Perhaps July 25, 2005 is the day America the Beautiful is re-penned to include a verse for cheap gas prices.

Oh Beautiful, for driver's dream,
A price of two o five.
A decent fare for gasoline,
In Michigan does thrive...

It was the best I could do on short notice.

25/7/05 09:31  

Brilliant, Julie. Brilliant.

25/7/05 13:12  


25/7/05 13:23  

Julie, I believe you've found your calling.

25/7/05 13:48  

rewriting patriotic songs to make sure my state is included? ;)

25/7/05 13:52  

How beautiful! The Kansas skies
O fields of wheat that gleam!
And all around, you heard them sigh
It seems just like a dream!

I'll never ever leave this place!
Ask why? I can-not lie
The truth is that I tried it once
But could not find the signs!

25/7/05 14:55  


25/7/05 14:59  

O Kansa-land! Sweet Kansa-land!
You have but just one flaw
Landmarks are nice, so ver-y nice
But do not re-place signs!

25/7/05 15:00  

We seriously need to re-write all the patriotic songs. Did you notice that they're all about "cool" places and there's a lot of references to mountains etc? Well where the references to the Great Lakes, the Flint Hills, etc??

25/7/05 15:01  

You totally just busted into song, didn't you? LOL

25/7/05 15:02  

LOL! So you caught me...

25/7/05 16:11  

Gas out here this weekend was as high as $2.37 and a low of $2.21. It's the Chinese. . .umm right.

25/7/05 16:26  

Today I filled up for $2.49/gal.

Thankfully, it's not my car (nor my credit card).

25/7/05 17:35  

You forgot to eat breakfast? That's like forgetting to breath.

Oh and there is a reason that mountains are mentioned in many patriotic songs and that's because of the fact that they are better then hills or lakes.

25/7/05 19:21  

oo, oo, I wanna write a song!!'s mine!


Oh beautiful for...for...umm...
*cough cough*

Oh beautiful for beauty full..of

I'm going home.

26/7/05 11:31  

I wrote a song about my life...but I can't get through it without breaking down in tears....then the anger comes and I trash my guitar on the ground. My parents weren't impressed, especially my dad...he won't me borrow his other guitar.

26/7/05 12:15  

"I've just sucked one year of your life away. I might one day go as high as five, but I really don't know what that would do to you. So, lets just start with what we have. What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. How do you

26/7/05 12:36  

Oh my gosh! Did I tell you this is my one year aniversary at work?? They DID just suck one year of my life away.

26/7/05 12:59  

Those beasts!!

26/7/05 13:03  

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