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Monday, August 01, 2005

When Extraordinary People Meet Less Than Extraordinary Circumstances

Example #2

I know a couple from Ohio who have a good Christian, very old-fashioned family. They have 11 children of their own ranging in ages from 5ish to 30ish. They have raised these children well, they are all productive citizens and several are happily married with children of their own.

Meanwhile, a little boy was born to a family in mid-Ohio, he had medical problems from birth which were compounded when the baby was allegedly "shook". The parents denied all allegations, and the baby remained in the hospital on life support for the next year and a half. Besides the life support, the baby, now toddler, was introduced to numerous medications and is now showing signs of addiction to his medication. His case was taken all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, but as they decide the fate of the parents this little boy remains in the hospital.

The hospital was concerned about the child, knowing that he is growing addicted to his medication and is on life support, even though he is now physically strong enough to live without it. However, he seems uninterested in attempting to live without his life support or his medication despite the numerous attempts of the doctors and nurses who care for him. Now that this little boy is two and he has been hospitalized for a year and a half, the doctors admit that they are stumped. How do they get this kid off of his life support and train him how to function as a normal child in a hospital?

They called in a consultant. The consultant felt like the only chance this child has to a normal life is to live with a normal family. The consultant believed the child to be depressed, and that was why he wasn't willing to live without any aid. The consultant wanted to call his cousin. His cousin was a strong man with a strong wife, and they had raised eleven highly functioning children. These people had a good work ethic, loving Christian values, and expertise in raising a handicapped child since they had taken in handicapped foster children in the past.

So, this week, this little boy will be traveling 3 hours to a small, insignificant town in Ohio to be joined with a family. A large, jolly, bustling family of eleven. He will be hugged and squeezed and loved for possibly the first time in his life. He will see that life can be fun, that life can be love, and that life can be hope. Is he too young to understand these things? Apparently not. Apparently he has already seen enough of the world to make him depressed. Now maybe he will see enough of God to give him comfort.

A father to the fatherless,
a defender of widows
is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families,
he leads forth the prisoners with singing.
-Psalm 68:5-6
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