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Friday, July 29, 2005

Random Question

I was thinking about this yesterday evening on my way down to the gym. Why? I don't know. But needless to say, I was thinking about it....

Q: You know how Penthouses have the entire top floor and the elevator opens up inside the apartment? Well, is there a word for that if it were any other floor, more specifically the basement? Is that like a reverse penthouse? Because penthouse literally means "top floor", so if that occurs on a different floor, it wouldn't be the penthouse....
posted by Julie at 8:31 AM


I think I'm going to start calling my basement either a) hypohouse b) subhouse or c) seuohtnep (pronounced sue-ti-nep)

29/7/05 09:18  

I like the third choice the best. I just think it would be hilarious if you lived in the basement of something and when people asked for directions you said, "It' the seuohtnep"

29/7/05 10:30  

yeah..there's a word for's called an apartment (prounounced a-part-ment)

29/7/05 11:32  

Yeah, but does the elevator open up INSIDE the apartment like Penthouse?

29/7/05 12:27  

yer the one with the elevator...

elevator head

29/7/05 14:56  

Quistofur your an. . .elevator! Did I get a rise out of you! Okay I stop. Insults aren't very upLIFTING.

29/7/05 15:06  


29/7/05 15:47  

BAD llama

29/7/05 17:59  

The elevator could open up inside the apartment. It would still be an apartment. The elevator opening up inside the penthouse isn't what makes it a penthouse. Only the fact that it's on the very top floor is what makes it a penthouse. I don't even think a penthouse has to take up the entire floor...I think there can be multiple penthouses in which case there could be a hall? But I'm not sure there.

1/8/05 09:33  

Penthouse literally means "top floor". And most penthouse apartments are all of the top floor. Otherwise what would be the attraction? No the elevator doesn't have to open up in the penthouse, but how cool is to tell the little elevator dude, "Penthouse, please." Ya see where I'm going with this? It doesn't have the same ring to say, "3rd floor, please."

1/8/05 09:38  

What was your question in the first place?

1/8/05 13:44  

:) Nevermind.

1/8/05 14:18  

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