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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weird Habits

I found that we all have weird habits that are accentuated by roommates (or other house sharers) who don't have the same weird habits. I love, love, love weird habits. I think they're hilarious. They give us something to periodically raise our eyebrows about. They give us something to laugh about. They give us something to joke about. Etcetera....

So, I will tell you some of my weird habits if you tell me some of yours. Here goes....

  1. I only drink milk from Meijers.
  2. After pouring milk on my cereal, I'll walk away for five minutes to ensure that it's soggy enough.
  3. I only eat one course at a time. So, if we have meat, potatoes, salad, and bread, I'll eat the bread, then the salad, then the potatoes, then the meat (which brings me to....)
  4. I don't like my food to touch.
  5. I play with Magz incessantly when I watch TV or talk on the phone.
  6. My storage place for all my clean sheets is in my hamper (I only use laundry baskets for dirty cloths/sheets).
  7. I smell my milk every time I open the cap. Even if I just got it. I don't even notice that I do it any more, but my roommate points it out every chance she gets.
  8. I don't get the mail.
  9. My clothing schedule (Monday through Friday) for my bottoms is: black, khaki, black, khaki, jean (since black, khaki, and jean are my favorite colors).
  10. The only time I wear my running shoes outside is when I walk from the gym to my car.
  11. I associate certain CDs with certain seasons and can not bare to listen to my CDs out of season. For example, I can only listen to Alison Krause in the summer (between June 15th and August 15th).

So there's some of my weird habits.

posted by Julie at 8:46 AM


1. I can only fill my cereal bowl up half the way because if it sits in the milk too long it gets soggy and I hate soggy cereal.

2. I think Christimas music should be listened to from October 31st thru Decemeber 16th (by that time I am sick of it).

3.I always get out of the side of my bed with the alarm clock because the other way feels backwards. (no idea where this one comes from).

4. I always wash my hair first in the shower (I think because I know the water is warm at that point and am never sure if it will stay that way).

5. I always read the last chapter of a book first (to make sure it's worth reading the whole thing).

6. I cannot leave my car without first turning off the air conditioning and radio (unless I am playing the soundtrack to Wicked - then I leave it on full blast.)

Julie - we can never eat cereal together because by the time yours soggs up, mine will be gone!

10/8/05 10:33  

Janelle -
#6 is HILARIOUS. I usually can't leave my car fast enough. And I have disagree with #2, I have to listen to Christmas music from October 31st thru January 5th, just to ease the letdown after the holidays are over. :)

10/8/05 10:45  

It's amazing how all of your annoying habits go away when you live by yourself.

10/8/05 11:19  

LOL! Isn't it though?

So fess up, Aaron. What's your annoying habits?

10/8/05 12:08  

1. I eat my cereal as fast as possible to prevent the soggy effect. If my cereal becomes too soggy, I won't eat it.

2. 2-3 times/week my dinner consists of a huge salad... and I always eat from a mixing bowl. I've found my ceral bowls aren't large enough.

3. I love doing the dishes. I know, there is someting wrong with me but doing the dishes is my quiet time.

4. My cooking skills have increased exponentially within the past 2 years. My latest dish: Buffalo Chicken Wing Chip Dip. It is soooo flippin good... and just in time for football season.

5. My jaw makes a horrible cracking/clicking noise whenever I bite into something. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about it. I've been to the orthodontist and have been fitted for a mouthpiece, but nothing has worked.

6. I absolutely, positively, LOVE sleeping on the couch. I don't know why.

7. I don't like popcorn, and neither should you.

8. I tend to eat cereal and/or fall asleep when talking to friends on the phone. Nothing personal... it just happens. (Usually when I'm lying down on the couch.)

9. I rarely return phone calls to my cousin Clint. He's get very angry with me, but his work schedule is so out of whack I never know when to call. I just wait for him to call me back.

10. I am in love with my 85 year old neighbors. They are as sharp as a tack and courteous to a fault. I can't wait to get old.

10/8/05 13:00  

You either EAT or SLEEP while you're talking on the phone?? Those are the two rudest things you can do on a phone! LOL!!

I love the mixing bowl story. When I worked at HoneyBaked, we made chef "salads" that had more chef than salad, and we'd eat those out of a mixing bowl too. Haha!

10/8/05 13:12  

Oh! Oh! And I like sleeping on the couch too. I almost always take a nap for an hour on the couch before going to bed. It's especially bad on weekends.

10/8/05 13:13  

- I don't fall asleep a lot when talking to someone...but it does happen on occasion. Usually on a Monday night after very little sleep during the weekend.

- I use a mixing bowl b/c I put so much stuff in my salads. Mostly hard boiled eggs, cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, tuna, croutons, and sometimes I'll throw in some onions. Sometimes.

- For me, sleeping on the couch consists of sleeping not napping. Unless naps consist of 7-8 hours of sleep.

10/8/05 13:35  

1. When I get home from work I have a bowl of soup, a big glass of milk, and crackers then sit in front of my computer and check everyone's blogs for the bajillionth time that day.

2. I tickle my roommates feet when she is doing her nightly under-the-bunk-bed thing.

3. I never make my bed so that when I get home it is ready for my 6:30 nap.

4. I have to listen to non lyric music while doing my devotions and sleeping.

5. When shutting the blinds I HAVE to twist them so they curve down not up.

6. When there is music playing I can never just listen I always have to sing along, even if I don't know the words!

7. Can't think of anymore!

10/8/05 13:36  

Tifani - SO TRUE! Every single one of them, and I can vouch for that.

My habits:

1. I have to eat an apple every morning. I go into spasms if I don't

2. I can only listen to Norah Jones on rainy days or in the winter. I just isn't right otherwise.

3. When I eat cereal, it has to be 50% soggy. I hate crunchy cereal more than anything else in the world.

4. When I go to my parents house over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I have to sleep on the couch at least once.

5. I love to vacuum.

6. I eat pretty much everything out of a bowl. I don't like to use plates unless I'm eating with other people. (Don't ask, I don't know the reasoning behind this one either)

7. I have a compulsive habit of shutting off the attic fan everytime someone turns it on. My hand just does it. I have no control.

8. I make my bed every morning. I cannot get into an unmade bed at night.

...I'm sure there's more...I just can't think of them...Tif?

10/8/05 14:33  

Sheesh, everyone's so flippin' weird. I'm glad I don't have OCD.

10/8/05 15:46  

Well, don't make fun of those of us who do.

those of us who do
those of us who do
those of us who do
those of us who do
those of us who do
those of us who do

10/8/05 15:51  

Luke - Denial is not a river in Egypt....

Tif - Yup, I'm pretty anal about the blinds curving up too. There's logic behind it, Luke, when they curve up the sun bounces off of them instead of into them.

And Brooke and Aaron - I can't think of one single household activity that I enjoy doing. Most of the time when I'm doing ANY household activity I'm completely zoned out daydreaming about flying on a unicorn through a rainbow.

10/8/05 16:23  

1. To fall asleep I have to have a fan blowing in my face and a blanket up to my chin. (Remember Chicago, Julie?)

2. I only eat the Albertson brand cereal - the knock-off of Honey Bunches of Oats and Almonds. The sad thing is that I've started the jaw-popping sounds in the morning too and now I'm having to give up the cereal ritual of the morning (and often the evening) because the popping sounds give me the shivers.

3. I must check my email first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

4. I hate the sound of the pencil sharpener. Kids have specific times during the day when I allow it.

5. I must hit the snooze button at least once (usually three or four times) before getting out of bed.

6. I listen to Country music in the summer and usually only in the summer.

7. I believe that navy and black have no business being worn together, or white and cream for that matter.

10/8/05 17:11  

1. I only drink Geurnsey milk, it tastes soooo much better than the Kroger/Meijer stuff!!!

2. In college I woke up to the sound of the CD of my alarm clock spinning up, these days it takes just less than a nuclear explosion.

3. I shower from the top down, has to be that way. Also, I am not awake in the morning before my shower.

4. I drum on everything with my fingers...people hate it at first and then either learn to hate it more or start doing it themselves.

5. I love doing big house projects, replacing bathrooms, floors, etc etc but I hate day to day things like vacuuming and dusting and dishes.

6. On Mondays I get to work around 5-7am, Wednesday around 9am, and by Friday I usually don't get in until noon.

10/8/05 20:25  

These are way too much fun to read, it gives me a whole new perspective on most of you and some of you I don't even know!

Still waiting for Luke's list though...

10/8/05 23:41  

I am with Julie on the the household activity list. Given the choice I would rather cook than clean. Given another choice, I would rather hire someone to do both. It would give me more time to blog. :)

10/8/05 23:44  

What's with the military time Jewels?

10/8/05 23:46  

I work for DoD. I'm still trying to get used to it, so I take every oppurtunity I get to practice. Geeky? Yup. :)

Maryann: I sleep with the covers OVER my head (as in Chicago). And you are soooooooooo right, black and navy shouldn't even be in the same room much less on the same person.

Dan: I shower from the top down too. You don't want water dripping off your dirty hair to your clean body if you go from bottom up.

Luke: We all await with baited breath.....

Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke.

11/8/05 08:19  

Oh, see, now I have to play, too, before I hit the road for the weekend.

1. I must water down orange juice. By water down I mean fill a glass 3/4 with water and put in 1/4 orange juice. It's like lemon water, only not.

2. I like unsalted, unbuttered popcorn--air popped--OR I like popcorn with chocolate chips mixed in.

3. I have this thing about pastic glasses vs. glass glasses. Our cupboards are filled with glasses--I raid the old cupboard with the plastic glasses in them. They make me feel more relaxed when I drink.

4. I have a nasty habit of changing CDs in my car every 2-3 songs or so (though rarely when someone is in the car with me). Hey--variety is the spice of life.

5.I eat with a baby spoon as often as it makes sense...and it has to be metal. I don't know why--it makes yogurt, ice cream, applesauce (anything like that) more satisfying.

6. I sleep with a fan because I am the lightest sleeper in this universe.

7. Christmas music should only be allowed after Thanksgiving.

8. I love swinging (and those merry-go-round things kids play on at parks)...or other such random, active activities outside.

9. I have a nasty habit of multi-tasking, which is good sometimes, but annoying when someone is trying to talk to you on the phone. However, my close friends have learned to pick up my cues and nail me for it; it helps.

10. Everything--conversations, phrases, everyday tasks--becomes a song.

And as my roomie said once, 10 is a good number. :-)

11/8/05 12:28  

Michelle: I've seen #1 numerous times now and it still takes me by suprise. :)

11/8/05 13:52  

Michelle - I'm totally with you on your fan, swinging, and singing. We need to hang out more!!!

11/8/05 18:25  

1. I absolutely love cereal. And I can't eat just one bowl at a time, I always have to pour a second. And I eat it at least twice a day. But what is up with this soggy cereal business though?...ICK!

2. I just want to squeeze pretty much everything! hamster, friends, my family, little kids, dogs ears, yeah the list just keeps going.

3. When I'm home, I drink everything from the same plastic mug that we got from the Miller brewery in Wisconsin. And when it's not clean I get so annoyed. I just love it and I don't know why.

4. This is more of a nervous habit but when I know or just feel like someone is looking at me I mess with my earlobe.

5. I like to clean really dirty things, like when sweeping I like to hear the dirt going into the vacuum, and I like to dust when there is a visible layer of dust on the surface, and I only clean my room after it gets really bad. I guess it makes me feel like I really made a difference. (ususally i don't get the chance to do this b/c my mom keeps things pretty clean here at home)

-Brooke, I completely agree with the Norah Jones comment. It's so true.
-that's all I can think of for now.

12/8/05 01:11  

Shannon - I totally get liking the sound of stuff getting sucked up by the vaccum. If I've had an unsatisfying run, sometimes I'll vaccum out the couch just so I can hear that noise. I too like to clean supper dirty stuff. My dad used to bride us to clean his shop in the fall, and I LOVED cleaning the copper coils that they use to keep wax melted. Once you chipped off the wax, ect, you had to use and SOS pad to scrub them at I was the only person I knew who could get them copper color again. :)

12/8/05 08:11  

Well, here's a few off the top of my head...

1. I have very bland taste when it comes to food. I don't like it if it's too salty, too sweet, too spicy, etc. This also applies to drinks; I make lemonade, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Tang, etc. about half strength. Not OJ, though.

2. I also have some odd tastes in food. I put peanut butter (crunchy) and a little jelly on the bread when I make my own burgers.

3. Christmas music is called Christmas music because it is meant to be heard at Christmas.

4. When sleeping, I almost always lay my head one direction, to the left. This has actually caused my neck to have more flexibilty in that direction.

4. I do enjoy cooking/baking, although I don't do it that often.

5. I can't read the end of a book first. I must read start to finish.

6. I love to tell stories with as much body animation as possible, with sound.

7. I love cereal too (sogginess depends on the particular cereal), but more so beacuse it means I'm eating, not so much that it's cereal. I love steak, breads, fruit, most vegetables, etc. for the same reason.

Well, I've been told that 7 is a nice number, and I also can't think of anything else right now, so there you have it.

16/8/05 15:41  

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