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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


My sister and her husband have a katrillion (a katrillion is bigger than a googolplex) things going on and for obvious reasons is starting to feel the inevitable stress of it all. I too have a katrillion things going on in my life and am starting to feel stressed (who am I kidding? I'm already stressed). My brother and his wife have lots of stuff going as well, and they feel somewhat stressed out. My cousin has stuff in his life and he feels stressed, my friends are stressed, and people I don't even know are stressed. We're all in various stages of our stress. Some of us are just starting to get stressed, some of us are just starting to feel some relief. And that's where I am. I'm very grateful to have some of my problems being relieved. When you have massive amounts of stress and then you get some comfort it's amazing how you feel like you're in recovery. This past Christmas I got really sick and for weeks after the illness broke I was easily fatigued and generally weak. And that's how I feel now. Emotionally fatigued and generally weak. But improving. :) It's funny, you'd think after you had some of your major stressors resolved you'd feel like a million bucks, and I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I don't feel like a million bucks. I feel like I'm recovering. And that's OK too.
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9/8/05 09:19  

The Road to Recovery is definitely a good thing. Fully recovery is even better!

I'm on the road to recovery too. My legs still feel smashed and no amount of botox will get them back to the way they were before.

The story in full coverage

9/8/05 12:03  

LOL! That's right. Did you ever get your slippers back?

9/8/05 12:27  

Well I hope you get to feeling like a million bucks once you are FULLY recovered!

9/8/05 13:02 ruby red slippers cost a million bucks....

9/8/05 13:06  

I thought they'd be priceless. :)

9/8/05 13:45  

Speaking of slippers. Check these babies out!

9/8/05 14:10  

Oh, I know it. I have lots of pictures of those bad boys. :)

9/8/05 14:48  

Luke, that has to be one of the most practical uses for duct tape I've ever seen.

Thanks for the idea.

9/8/05 16:00  

Dude, that was soooooo not Luke's handiwork. ;) Those little treasures were created by Brooke, Ashley Esslinger, Dona, and myself one Friday evening while we were hanging out in Manhattan (the little apple).

9/8/05 16:46  

Oh yeah. That sweet pair of footwear is definitely not Luke's handiwork; good point Julie. Manhattan (The Little Apple) is always a happenin' time on Friday nights....

9/8/05 16:49  

Okay, so the last part of that was a lie, but The Little Apple part is true.

9/8/05 16:49  

To clarify: Aaron never gave me the credit for "building" the slippers. He gave me the credit for giving him the idea, which I did. Neither Brooke, Ashley Esslinger, Dona, or Julie showed the slippers to Aaron.

Thanks Aaron! Feel free to make your own pair. Only good luck on finding the purple adornments!

10/8/05 09:26  

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