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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Things I Learned From Yoga

Last night I did Yoga for the first time. I had been doing Pilates, but Pilates is pretty horrible and I wasn't doing that either. So, it was strongly suggested to me to start doing Yoga for the following reasons:
  1. Build muscle strength (since I loathe weight-lifting)
  2. Improve balance (which if any of you know me at all, you know that I have lousy balance)
  3. Improve flexibility and range of motion.

So, here are some things I learned while doing Yoga last night.

I made it through my first Yoga lesson, and this morning I felt pretty good. No pain anywhere, which was amazing considering I didn't think I'd ever be able to peel myself off the floor. So, maybe it's not so bad after all. I'll keep you posted.

posted by Julie at 12:26 PM


I remember during football camp in college we would begin our stretches by lying on our backs, and proceed to work our way back up through various stretches.

I always liked the "lie on your back" stretch. It was my favorite.

2/8/05 13:43  

Trees also get cut down and turned into paper, which little kids draw on, and then they end up on a fridge somewhere until it gets knocked under the grate....15 years later, when the mother and father have to replace the fridge, they will move it, discover the drawing and cry.

2/8/05 13:58  

I'd cry to if I had to replace my fridge. Those things are expensive!

2/8/05 14:00  

So what you're saying is... it's a good thing that I can't be a tree?

2/8/05 14:12  

No...I just went on a tangent....I couldn't relate.....that's how I handle issues and people I'm uncomfortable with....I just avoid their issues and go on with mine. That's why I'm such a horrible conversationalist/person.


2/8/05 14:35  

:) So let's see if I got this straight. Horrible Conversationalist = Horrible Person... :)

2/8/05 15:54  

I did yoga once at the Rec. All I remember was the Downward Facing Dog. It was easy. I thought we all looked like apes who fell on their hands and couldn't get back up.

2/8/05 19:02  

A lot of my friends (who were guys) did yoga. As a string player it was supposed to disolve an muscle imbalances that may have developed. It was also supposed to put you into shape to play the violin. My question is...what makes it easier to play the violin? Yoga, or getting really fat and strong. Clearly I made the right choice.

2/8/05 21:30  

Horrible person does not necessarily equal horrible conversationalist. I'm just a special case.

2/8/05 21:31  

Mare reads Julie's YOGA blog...

YOGA! *Gasp*

(Mare falls to the ground and after a few moments picks herself up. She's determined to speak her mind and bravely confronts Julie.)

But, Julie, my mama always told me YOGA was the bad - freeing your mind was part of the new age movement, and once you put your body in one of those positions it would never come back out....

Oh, wait...but then again my mama also told me that all people do in the movie theater is make-out, that all Judy Blume books were bad, and that rock music was from the devil.

(P.S. I love my mama.)

3/8/05 10:52  

All valid points. Though horrible and weird, I didn't detect much spirituality in this particular form of Yoga (unless, of course, you count the intense praying that I would be able to get out of those positions). :)

3/8/05 12:34  

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