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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hmmm... Interesting

I've never noticed something before. Just kinda thinking out loud here, but this is something that really struck me as important. I consider myself a pretty normal person. I'm not too much or too little of anything. I'm just a normal girl. I think this is important, because when we, as Christians, talk about being chosen, we may wonder why. We may grapple with the feelings of unworthiness and/or guilt that all this had to be done for someone such as ourselves. Blahdy, blahdy, blah. But here's just a thought. I was thinking this morning about the women of the Bible and could I relate to any of them?.... And I found the oddest thing. Here it is (reminder: just throwing this idea out there, just thinking out loud, no specific research has been accomplished):

I was thinking about the women of the Bible. And I thought first about Esther. Esther was chosen by man because she was very beautiful and chosen by God because she had amazing courage. Ruth was chosen because she was very faithful. Mary was chosen because she was very pure, humble, and obedient. After thinking of these initial three I thought to myself, "Wow, we have set up these women almost as superheroes. They are all either Super-Virtue, or Super-Beauty. I don't really relate to people with really superior qualities like that..... Hmmmm.... So, I look farther. Who else is there? Well, there was Rahab. She wasn't "perfect" I mean she was a prostitute. Oh, but she had a boldness that caught the attention of not only God but also his people. Hmmmm... Tamar.... Well, she was very persistent/dedicated. Amazing. The list goes on and on. They're all amazing people.

So, I kept searching in my mind. Where is a woman like me who is just normal. And then I found her. Mary Magdalene. There is absolutely no mention of her beauty, and she was the opposite of virtuous. Come to think of it, she's worse than normal. She's lower than normal. She is a blatant sinner. She didn't come to Jesus. She didn't even have enough faith for that. She was drug to Jesus. Amazingly, look at Jesus's response to Mary. She didn't do one thing to reach out to Jesus. Not one thing. She stood there and was accused in front of Jesus. She wasn't brave, she wasn't pretty, she wasn't pure, she wasn't loyal, she wasn't faithful.... and yet. And yet He fought for her. He fought His "authority". He fought the people that were set up as spiritual leaders. He fought them because He wanted her. Amazing. Unworthy? Probably. But He wanted her. He didn't want her beautiful sister. Or her other more virtuous sister, He wanted her.

Superheroes were vanquished in the New testament. It's wonderful if you happen to be a superhero, but for the rest of us, just remember that there is absolutely nothing special about the crazy group of misfits Jesus called His team. I mean, reading the stories, I'm periodically embarrassed for these guys. But they were the Chosen. Powerful.

For you girls out there who read Jane Eyre, it's quite a bit like the infamous scene when Mr. Rochester tells Jane that he will be marrying Miss Ingram and she said something like "just because I'm plain and I'm poor doesn't mean that I don't have feelings..." And that is what I'm getting at here. We have feelings, superhero or not, and they have been recognized. And we were "Bought with a price." Incredible. I know you all know all this, but check it out again. Check out the difference between the heroes of the Old and New testaments. I think you'll see some really neat things as the Bible transitions from "What can I do to obtain salvation?" to "What has been done?" Interesting.
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Amazing. Thanks for the reminder.

4/8/05 18:39  

Totally right.

5/8/05 12:57  

I love it, Julie. I love Peter for the same reason--he screwed up, but he was real, and Christ still loved him and made effort to reach him especially upon His resurrection. I never thought about M.M. in that light. Thanks. What an amazing reminder and an awesome post. And all those superhero females of the Old Testament? The happy reminder is that they didn't get that way without God working in them, so don't discount them completely; God does that work in you, too. You just might be more courageous than you think if placed in a situation such as that. God's power is pretty huge.

7/8/05 00:12  

Oh, and along the same lines, read _Bad Girls of the Bible_ by Liz Curtis Higgs. It's a really good book with those same types of thoughts. What can we learn from the seemingly "screw ups" in the Bible? They're all there for a reason, too. :-) God's a big dude--He's covered all ground.

Oh...and I love Jane Eyre. Love it.

7/8/05 00:14  

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