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Monday, August 08, 2005

Observations From A Solitary Weekend

I was house-sitting this weekend in Battle Creek for a co-worker of mine. It had never dawned on me before that you can get stranded, in the middle of a city, in August. But I did. So, here's some observations I made while stranded in someone else's house for 48 hours.

So, there you have it folks. There's my weekend in a nutshell. Just when you think you can't get any more stressed out, you probably can. :)

posted by Julie at 8:51 AM


I wondered where you were this weekend! I'm starting to laugh (sympathetically, though that accomplishes nothing) every time your car dumps out. It's not really funny, but man--the trend is too much. Too much. :-)

8/8/05 11:07  

I know.... :) I came into work this morning and one of my co-workers told me that it was Ken and Janet's fault (the people I'm house-sitting for) because they have bad car luck. And I said, "Huh. So do I." So, I guess I have double bad car luck when I'm staying at Ken and Janet's. :)

8/8/05 11:22  

I like the day after tomorrow. But I am a sucker for disaster movies. Maybe that's why I like your blog? ;)

8/8/05 12:10  

LOL! Thanks. I almost called you yesterday so I could pout, but I didn't. I must admit to liking disaster movies too. There's something about survival that I can relate to on a personal level (obviously, I spent a whole weekend stuck in Battle Creek by myself).

8/8/05 12:20  

Julie, Julie, Julie. Battery lights mean business!

Next time you house sit you'll need to pick up diet coke, chocolate cake, and Pride and Prejudice. That's the way to spend the weekend stuck in one place.

8/8/05 13:16  

Truer words have been rarely spoken. Trust me, had I known I would be stranded I would have had all those items on hand. :)

8/8/05 13:46  

Well you seem to have made it to Alto. I didn't even get to talk to you.

I'm such a horrible person.

8/8/05 13:54  

Yeah, it was on the way home from Alto that evening that my alternator went out. >:| Grr.

8/8/05 14:24  

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