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Monday, August 22, 2005

I Finished It

I finished Wuthering Heights this weekend. I have two words for you:

Wa-ow (pronounced "wow")!

It was so incredible that I had to reread (actually I had to relisten since I got it on CD) to the last 4 chapters a second time and rent the movie when I got home from Indiana last night. I was bitterly disappointed by the movie, and already have started casting my own version (which is always my first response to a bad movie since I believe that many bad movies are bad because they weren't casted correctly). Also, I'm not sure that I approve of the portions that the movie hacked. The whole second half of the book was summed up in 25 minutes in the movie, and it left me wanting more since the story of Hareton and Catherine was the answer to the story of Heathcliff and the other Catherine. It seemed less complete somehow.

So, here are some ways that Wuthering Heights will impact my future:
  1. My firstborn son will be named Hareton who has just won a seat on my "Favorite Characters Of All Time" list (because even though he had been degraded, he was still noble and because Hareton is better name for a romantic lead, or second lead in his case, than Heathcliff).
  2. When I produce the movie "Wuthering Heights" I think I'll make it a PBS special (like "Pride and Predjudice ") so that I have an excuse to make it six hours long and not leave out any detail.
  3. I will never (under any circumstances) dig up someone's grave, just to check how they look after eighteen years (but I guess that's the difference between me and Heathcliff).
  4. I will not starve myself to death because my husband and my lover got into a fight that I encouraged by locking them into a room together and throwing the key into the fire.
  5. I will not leave any of my nephews to fend for themselves (at age 6) with their drunk father, abusive landlord, and obnoxious man-servant (of course none of my nephews have a drunk father, nor an abusive landlord, nor any man-servants).
  6. I will teach more people how to read (if they don't know how).

Over all it was a great book, it's not exactly beach reading, but it was incredible, and managed to get up there on my list of favorite stories. I declare it a MUST READ and receives two enthusiastic thumbs up. My quote is that "Wuthering Heights is an intensely dark and passionate story filled with all the sweetness one might expect when a family rises above chains of oppression." And you can quote me on that. :)

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Okay, based on your synoposis (wow, I don't have any clue how to spell that word this morning!) I really need to go back and reread that book. I remember having a love-hate relationship with it. Parts weirded me out and other parts I was also "wowed" by.

I'll skip the movie however.

22/8/05 09:37  

I'm thinking I'm going to have to find a copy of this to read...

22/8/05 11:00  

Yeah, all of Heathcliff's weirdness is kinda.... um creepy (I can't think of better word). I just chalk that up as Bronte madness (they just aren't happy unless they have some freaky stuff in their books), but the over all story is really good, and it definitely leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth at the end.

22/8/05 12:05  

okay, now I want to read it.

Whom are you casting in your movie?

22/8/05 16:32  

I'm still deciding. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. Hmmmmmmm..... Everyone in it has soooooo much personality that you need really strong people to play the parts. I LOVED the dude they got to play Heathcliff. He was the best thing in that movie. He's pretty much the creepiest looking guy ever..... yet, kinda handsome in a I-want-to-stay-away-from-you kind of way. :)

22/8/05 16:35  

Amen sister and amen. Mare that was my impression after reading it. I was freaked, amused, and annoyed in turns at how angry characters could get over nothing! Yet the ending was like gentle lapping of waves after an abrupt and powerful storm. Wow (pronounced w-o-w) that was rather lyrical.

22/8/05 22:22  

Janelle: Here's my official character list.

Heathcliff has to be someone dirty but yet not unbelievable as a romantic lead. Someone who is fierce and has the tendency of looking frightening. Someone like Johnny Depp or Viggo.

Catherine Earnshaw has to be someone with spirit and beauty. Someone like Kate Winslet.

Edgar Linton has to someone undeniably soft and pretty like Jude Law.

Hareton Earnshaw should be someone that is perpetually sad and yet at the same time has the capacity to both filthy and sweet at the same time. Someone like Jake Gyllenthal.

Catherine Linton needs to be someone sweet to look at and spunky and playful. Reese Witherspoon.

So there you have my all-star cast. :)

23/8/05 11:44  

wuthrich heights is a better book......

24/8/05 16:47  

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