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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Fit Of "Girl"

Last night I had a fit of "girl" in which I was not satisfied until I incorperated everything "girl" into my life. So, I went to the public library and got three items:

After the library I went to Meijer (my favorite place) and got groceries, and went home to veg in front of Anne for the duration of the evening. And veg I did until 12:35 this morning. I learned some things that I hadn't noticed before in Anne of Avonlea. And I think I now realize what is out-of-place in my life. Perhaps it's not that I have a crazy hectic job that may move me to a different part of the country at any moment, or that I have a car that is more stubborn than me (and insists on breaking down every six months on the dot), or that I have a ridiculously long commute to both work and to church. No, these aren't the things that are wrong with my life. I have been schooled by Anne on what is truly wrong. And here is a list:

  1. I don't live in a place that has enough mist. (Have you ever noticed how pleasantly "misty" Avonlea is??)
  2. I don't throw wild theatricals to solve my problems. (Wouldn't the world be a better place if we used plays to solve all of our problems??)
  3. I don't use everyone's full name when I speak to them. ("Anne Shirley!" and "Gilbert Blythe" and "Marilla Cuthbert"....)
  4. When I get myself in trouble it's not endearing. (I mean, if some guy caught me dancing with, and talking to myself, he'd probably think I was a major nut job - not propose marriage practically on the spot.) :)
  5. I don't use monstrous adjectives. (I could actually work on that. Maybe I'll start incorporating more brilliant and tremendous adjectives in my daily speak... How was that??)
  6. I don't have absolutely huge, red hair. (I mean, how could you not like a person with wispy red hair?)

So, these are some of the things that is wrong with my life. As a disclaimer, I actually love the stories of Ann with an "e". They're great, I just thought this was funny.

posted by Julie at 4:21 PM


Don't you want to actually leave a post or is my computer not working here.

16/8/05 16:35  

Sorry, that was an accident. It's up and running now.

16/8/05 16:41  

Almost looks like wuthrich heights.

16/8/05 16:53  

Best mist in the WORLD is on long beach island off hte coast of new jersey. I stayed there for a week and the mist was amazing, kinda like a 50's romantic movie haze.

16/8/05 16:55  

...Pippy Longstocking had absolutely huge, red hair, used monsterous adjectives and threw huge theatricals (which mostly turned into fiascos)...then again...her father was a pirate....

16/8/05 17:04  

Best misty spot:

The Maine coastline right along Highway 1... specifically near Bar Harbor in Acadia National Park standing on top of Cadillac Mountain, looking down at the ocean.


16/8/05 21:24  

No no no. The best mist is in that one place, just right of so-and-so's house, in some state I've forgotten about near where the road goes up and down. Yeah that spot that spot is totally much more filled with fine precipitation than NJ or MA. Please.

I ha(d)ve a huge crush on Ann-with-an-e (not to be read Anthony). I loved the movies and loved the books upto the fifth one and then I just lost interest. I think personally the best book is the one about here college years. Those stories filled my imagination.

Red Hair? Who cares about red hair?

16/8/05 22:51  

Well, I'm jealous. I've got to go dig that movie out of my closet and enjoy a little Anne and Gil.


I could use a good dose of Anne right now.

My "girl" fit would have to start with Anne of Green Gables and then move on to Anne of Avolena. (I'll skip that horrible 3rd movie they made - it just isn't right that they should create an entirely new storyline!)

Oh, and my "girl" fit would also include a specific double chocolate chip bundt cake. :-)

PS...Pippi's braids was 90% of her problem. Oh, and that monkey of hers.

17/8/05 00:45  

I'm serious, we should hang out. The first two Anne movies--one after the other, all on the same night--with chocolate is TOTALLY my idea of "girl" extravaganza. If no chocolate is available, then black rasberry avalanche ice cream will do.

Oh wait...that's what I did last night. :-P Well, not with Anne...unfortunately.

Julie, I think quoting literature in your day to day life will also make it feel more complete, don't you think?

As for misty spots, try a good morning at Michigan's northern Mackinac Island. It's the best.

17/8/05 09:04  

Wait for me for the Anne marathon...remember I'm coming home in October! We'll watch Anne, eat chocolate cake, and talk of Mackinac Island. (Yes, I do believe that wins the mist contest.)

17/8/05 09:25  

I actually wanted chocolate cake so bad I could taste it, but had no cake, and nothing which to make cake. So, I settled for the only piece of "junk food" in the house that I could tolerate, and that was my roommate's microwave cheddar popcorn. It was dispicable.

And Josh: How could anyone resist red hair? Especially when it's all pretty like hers is.

17/8/05 09:30  

Just in case you michigan girls need a chocolate cake fix, Zingerman's in Ann Arbor has some awesome chocolate cake.

17/8/05 14:43  

Can you girls give me a ring when you set a date for this "girl fit"

17/8/05 15:57  

How are we going to squeeze a Anne marathon, Mackinac Island and a triop to Chicago to see Wicked all in one week in October. Some of us have to work that week!!!


17/8/05 16:30  

Who has to work that week?? ;)

Brooke: What are you doing the 15th through the 21st of October? *say "going to Michigan to watch chic flicks and eat chocolate cake"*

17/8/05 16:49  

Maybe I can even ship a double chocolate chip cake from this great place down here for us to stuff our face with.

Just tell your boss you have stuff to do the week of the

Monday - Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avolena and chocolate cake.

Tuesday - Pride and Prejudice and chocolate cake.

Wednesday and Thursday - Chicago, Wicked, and Chocolate Cake.

Friday - Chocolate cake and more chocolate cake.

(Mackinac will have to wait until next year - it's too cold there in October. I don't do cold.)

17/8/05 19:01  

WRONG DATES JULIE!!! I'm home in Michigan October 8th - 15th!

17/8/05 19:02  

Whoops! Wrong week! I highly approve of the agenda. :)

18/8/05 07:56  

Anne....sigh. I totally get the crush thing ....I was too in love with Anne when I was younger. If I ever caught a girl dancing by herself I'd propose to her on the spot as well. My only hope in life is to find a girl who is so insane she doesn't realize she's marrying me.

And yes...Prince Edward Island is truly and awesome place. I'd like to visit it someday, but I hate going to Canada because they always thing I'm a drug dealer.

18/8/05 12:45  

You, Doug, are mistaken for more people that any one person should be allowed. What a life you lead...or don't lead.

18/8/05 12:51  

I might have to vote San Francisco the mistiest city ever though. Just check this out:
Misty San Fran
I can't claim to have taken it, it was shot by a friend though. Can you believe that?!!? Here's another misty shot!

19/8/05 14:57  

Wow, Dan. Those are cool. Maybe my life would be better in San Fransico.

19/8/05 16:29  

Amen to #6, Julie.

21/8/05 20:03  

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