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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Playing Hookey

I should be at work and I'm not. So, these are the ways I plan on squandering my day:
  1. Sleeping every second I physically can.
  2. Eating everything in the apartment (which right now is apples, cucumbers, microwave dinners, milk, and tomatoes - how's that for threatening? - Oh! And I have Smart Start too).
  3. Not showering.
  4. Wearing my PJs to the library to blog and check my email.
  5. Watch an hour or two of really bad TV.
  6. Soak in the bathtub for an hour and a half.
  7. Lay in bed for two or three hours to ponder the world and all of it's problems.

I love days like today. I remember when I was in high school you were allowed 20 days of absence per year and I always took about 19 and a half. Don't give me lee-way and expect me not to use it. :)

posted by Julie at 11:49 AM


You give sick days and she takes a sick month!

23/8/05 15:49  

I can hear you saying that last sentence in my head. ...such a "Julie" phrase.

23/8/05 17:35  

You are making me very jealous right now.

You just described my perfect Saturday - not having to go anywhere.

23/8/05 19:23  

Is that like the rule of 40 lashings.... where they would only whip you 39 times just in case they miscounted?

I'm about to break out my cat-of-nine-tails and start going to town on Doug.

His leave of absence is unacceptable. Has he no respect?

23/8/05 21:39  

Thank goodness you didn't forget about us on your day off. What would be do without you, Jules!!!

24/8/05 00:25  

One of my favorite perks about my job is how I collect vacation time. In fact - at the moment - it's the only thing I can think of about my job that I like. So, doggonit! I'm will randomly take days off just for the heck of it. And if they'd like me to stop taking random days off, they need to have some sort of incentive, because right now they practically encourage you to take off as much time as humanly possible. ;)

24/8/05 08:33  

You go, girl!

I would right there with you taking off the days too...but I have to do something called sub plans...that's the educational world's way of keeping sick teachers (whether they are mentally, physically, or emotionally sick and tired) from taking days off. You seem to get sicker or more exhausted just by writing up the stupid plans.

24/8/05 10:39  

Hey man, (and by man I mean Aaron) I'm doing the best I can. I've studied more in one week than I did in my entire undergrad (I'm not even lying). This is time consuming and mentally taxing.

But don't worry, once I get free highspeed at school, my updates will be more regular.

24/8/05 12:45  

Thank goodness you clarified who you were talking to when you said "man". The bearded lady and I thought you were rudely referring to us.

24/8/05 16:05  

you played hookey?

Soak in the bathtub for THAT LONG?
Meet julie the human prune.

and for petesake girl, go the the grocery store!
.... and get some dr pepper.

24/8/05 16:50  

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