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Monday, August 29, 2005

Motivational Posters For The Rest Of Us.

You know those annoying posters that are supposedly "motivational" like the one I pass every day on my way to the gym that says "Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?" Every time I pass that poster I want to roll my eyes. But here are a few that I got from a co-worker that I think are particularly funny.

One meeting where I work will convince you of this in a hurry.

This could have been my theme in college. :)
posted by Julie at 8:55 AM


I LOVE the 2nd picture. How sad is that?!?!

It's the red hair that tops it off.

I have a couple of those demotivator posters pinned up in my apartment.

29/8/05 10:39  

Oh yeah. I know that kid. :) I actually have a whole bunch of them, those were just the two that I posted. I love 'em.

29/8/05 10:55  

Just a little question:
If you roll your eyes at the poster, doesn't that mean you have exactly the attitude it's trying to eliminate? I just find that ironic.
And I especially enjoy the one about meetings. That's just how I feel about working together, lol.

29/8/05 11:13  

LOL! Yeah, my attitude is usually the one they don't want anyone else catching. ;) In my defense, though, stuff that's really, really corny like that is just begging to have eyes rolled at it.

29/8/05 12:11  

Yeah, I personally usually roll my eyes at the cheesiness of it, not so much the truth behind the motivational posters. I think teamwork is ultimately the only way to move large scale stuff forward, but man the meetings we have to endure of endless babble!!!

29/8/05 16:59  

My fav is the one about, "Losers never win and winners never quite, but those who never win and never quit are idiots!" :)

29/8/05 18:20  

Love these, they are great. True inspiration for those of us in the working world.

All our staff meetings becoming an endless babbling session for our principal where he only manages to get through items 1-5 on a list of 25 on the agenda so we never know all the information.

29/8/05 18:33  

I love sitting in meetings. Seriously, I just laugh the entire time, or bring up pointless hypotheticals so I won't have to go back and stare at my desk. Othertimes, I just pick out one person and study their behavior to see what habits they have etc.

I also like to drink as much coffee as I can and meetings make a nice place to do so.

29/8/05 23:52  

I am with Doug. I think any time you are given an excuse to drink as much coffee as possible must be a good thing. Doug why stare at the desk? It's not going any where.

30/8/05 13:58  

Are you sure? I'm assuming that you don't stare at your desk. You may not know it but every single day someone could be stealing your desk and replacing it with an exact replica. Of course you would think that it would be the same, but start peeling away the corner of your desk. And you'll find that it's only a cardboard box. You've been living a dream Neo.

31/8/05 23:35  

I was that little guy in the red striped shirt.....

all my life I have been the little guy in the striped shirt....
(sniff, sniff)

I need a hug

8/9/05 16:58  

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