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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

*blank* People

I came from a very small town. We actually lived out of the very small town by ten miles. We barely had an address (yet we managed to have road names), but we always had all sorts of *blank* people. You know, like the mail person? Or the police person? Well, on top of these already fabulous services, my parents always had other people besides the basic police, mail, and fire people. My parents had:

Yes, that was one reason why it rocked to live in the bondage. Other than that it wasn't that great to live in the country, but let me tell you, having people knock on your door every Tuesday morning with fresh groceries is a major treat. Honestly, if it weren't for shampoo and toilet paper, my parents would have never had to leave their house. That's pretty cool.

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diary..dairy...diary...yeah, whatever.

31/8/05 10:05  

Oh Luke stop putting Jules on the horns! Jules I think getting fresh moo juice delivered to your front door is almost as cool as fresh bread in the mail!

31/8/05 10:26  

Yeah, I heard some nice person sent you bread. How was that? ;)

31/8/05 10:41  

Oh, and we didn't have anything delivered, and only live a mile closer to town than you. What's really sad is that we never bought groceries in Pinconning, we always went to Meijer in Bay City or Midland. I didn't go into Pinny Food Center from the time I was eight or so until high school. Remember how we could buy things at Pinny Food on the club accounts? Like NHS and Drama Club? Yes, I know you weren't in them, but you were with me once or twice, lol. I'm feeling very nostalgic for high school today...

31/8/05 10:44  

Wow. I didn't know what I missed not growing up in the middle of cheese land and so near to the ever-hopping town of Crump.

31/8/05 15:55  

You haven't lived till you walked to the Ditch. Seriously.

31/8/05 16:07  

Hey, I thought Crump was a fast growing metropolis. It had 4 churches and 3 bars.

Guess that is why you Pinconning people have your own language.

31/8/05 21:28  

This reminds me of these kids that lived in the apartment below me. They were what we called "cheese Kids". They always smelled like cheese. I think it was the natural event when their cheese was smashed into the carpet and then they rolled into it.

Of course being a cheese kid was not a good thing. You weren't a cheese kid were you Julie?

31/8/05 23:33  

What do you mean... "weren't". I was and I am. I love my cheese. Growing up in the cheese capital where cheese grows on trees, you don't mind the smell so much. It's like coming home. ;)

1/9/05 08:21  

HA! julie said cheese!
wait that wasn't funny....


8/9/05 16:56  

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