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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pumpin' Up The Ol' Bike Tires

I've gained some much needed perspective with the whole New Orleans thing. Since I was down there this spring and realize how much they had to lose, I feel somewhat connected to what's going on.

The state of Michigan is currently flying displaced people up here to the 'great white north' and is hoping to settle them here permanently. Right now we have approximately three hundred such individuals at Ft. Custer (our National Guard base in Battle Creek) which is less than five miles from my place of employment. From what I hear, the three hundred people that have already arrived (we expect to bring up to 10,000 to our glorious state) have been the recipients of all of Michigan's hospitality and want nothing but jobs and a more permanent residence. They have been given more than they can use of everything else.

Of course, Michigan has two flaws for our brand new residents to contend with. They have a beautiful state to look at, without extreme weather of any kind (very few tornadoes, no earthquakes, no hurricanes), but they will suffer from
  1. Michigan winters (which by all accounts are, if not horrible, at the very least annoying)
  2. The highest gas prices is the United States (topping out at $3.25 on Saturday).

Unfortunately, I, and most others who care to help these people, can't do anything about either of these irritations. So, we will combat our dilemmas with humor (like the above).

So, to all victims of Hurricane Katrina and fellow Americans:

WELCOME TO MICHIGAN! May your stay be long and prosperous. Welcome to the land of the ten cent can deposits (you'll love it)! JUST REMEMBER: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice (If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you)!

posted by Julie at 10:12 AM


Good point. Maybe I'll move to Michigan and take up drinking pop as my new hobby to pay for gas...

...wait...they don't make enough pop cans in one year to pay for a tank of gas for a 12 gallon car....

7/9/05 12:37  

Ahh brooke always thinking.

I love the toons Jules. Can you buy me sheep for my yard. . .that I don't have. . .I could get some green carpet.

A MI's government a mix of altruism and shameless promotion.

7/9/05 14:48  

Oh, now you've made me so homesick. I used to make fun of that motto so much, but now that I've been exposed to the desert for a full year, I realize what it is to, truly, deep in your heart, seek a pleasant peninsula. I want to go back!

Anyway, I've been praying for all the displaced Louisianans and Mississippians (and yes, that was fun to type), and I really hope that where ever they end up, they can rebuild their lives. I wish I'd gotten to go to New Orleans, but I pray that they can rebuild their city too, and I can go someday.

7/9/05 14:57  

Ah yes, seeking a pleasent peninsula. When you find it, you just gotta hang on to it.

7/9/05 15:34  

I filled up for $3.65/gal last weekend.

NY is ridiculous.

7/9/05 16:11  

It's still $3.55/gal today

7/9/05 16:12  

Wow. I should feel blessed that I'm only paying $3.05 here. In Oregon this weekend it was only $2.75.

7/9/05 16:57  

Hey, we've dropped back below $3 again, but it is Wednesday so tomorrow it is sure to jump at least 20 cents.

7/9/05 19:41  

Wow, I'm going to have to call our local news station, because they swore up and down that Michigan had the highest gas prices in the nation. Jerks, get us all riled up for nothing.

8/9/05 08:33  

i got a gallon for 99 cents just yesterday....

oh wait, that was water.

8/9/05 14:52  

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