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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Word" Verification

OK, so I like blogger's new "word verification" tool. It keeps the spammers out and all, but I think they're really using the word "word" as liberally as possible. I'm mean, it what language is "qhfukeb" a word? If it's a word in your language please let me know, as I'm about seriously question the validity of Blogger.

Sorry guys, I don't have much to say today. Somehow sitting in class for nine hours studying what seemed like a bajillion exceptions to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act has really zapped me pretty dry......

........Well, I didn't sit there for nine hours straight............ I had an hour lunch................... and a few unauthorized breaks to call my friends................. and one unautherized break to watch some lame home decor show............... but that's besides the point! I'm fried!

Have a good night, maybe I'll write something more interesting tomorrow.
posted by Julie at 7:17 PM


P.S. My hair smells pretty.... like lavender.

(I thought I slide that in there since the "theme" of my whole post is a dazed kind of random.)

27/9/05 19:31  

random's always good!

or maybe my brain's just fried...

zstrfo -- blogger's word of the moment!

28/9/05 02:53  

I'd rather just have the spam in my blog.

Your class sounds totally painful. You have my sympathy.

Last night, I had a dream that I was taking a class of some sort, and the teacher was really hot, and he asked me to stay after, and then he...
told me what a good writer I am. How pathetic is that? Also, how's that for random? :)

28/9/05 11:26  

Pretty random. :) I don't know if I ever had a really good-looking teacher. I can imagine that that would be really distracting.

Dona: How's the paper coming? :)

qipdjg -- my blogger verification word.

28/9/05 13:07  

oh sweet! I just got uioui!

28/9/05 13:42  

Julie, after getting your second voicemail in two weeks and then an email, I promise I will call you the next time I have time. I'm feeling like a friend from....



Blogger Word of the Moment: vgcvuav

28/9/05 14:53  

paper's done...since about 2 this morning :D


28/9/05 14:57  

I've had very good looking teachers. They were a realy pain in the butt. Attitutde. The work is Kazaeh. I expected something to appear when I typed it.

28/9/05 17:59  

My word was zpdlyl.

Is it just me or is the font funky?

I am not understanding how this is going to protect blogs from spam, won't the spam people just type the word in too? Then again it is 6:30 in the morning and I am just waking up.

29/9/05 06:42  

The bigger question is...
is blogger a word? least it has vowels. My word verification thingy is "pslqhk". I have to look down at the keyboard for the q, no one uses a q when they type. I bet spammers will NEVER figure that one out!

29/9/05 09:22  

Spammers don't actually come onto your site, they just randomly send messages to a hundred or so blogs. That's why it keeps them out because they actually have to enter the site and verify that they've been there.

Maryann: Nope, "blogger" is not a word. Funnier yet, the spell check in "blogger" kicks it back every time (if you haven't already noticed).

Brooke: It's all good. I understand busy. Well, not so much right now because I have the most boring job on the planet, but before this job I understood busy. :)

Dona: Congrats on finishing your paper. Writing papers on things like math, engineering, etc. is usually a really big drag.

OHHH! I got vowels this time!! "mizweaf"

29/9/05 13:57  

Liponese. That's the language that qhfukeb and most of the other word verifications are. Qhfukeb actually means plaid. Oh yeah Liponese is hardly spoken anymore but used to be quite common in the upper regions of Chile (where my ancestors actually came from, NOT Ireland). Anymore it is only spoken by Grandma Taters to the tots when putting them to bed.

2/10/05 22:39  

julie where did you go??? having withdrawals here

4/10/05 12:23  

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