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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Love/Hate Relationship With My Job

I was writing an email to a friend of mine (a fellow intern for our agency but in a different sub-agency), when it dawned on me that I have a love/hate relationship with my job. Everyone has ups and downs in their job and in life, and that's normal. And I'm pretty normal. I'm not much of a roller coaster. But my job on the other hand inspires either the most sentimental affection or the most intense hatred in me. I think this is pretty funny, since every day that I go to work, I'm either in love with my job and want to set up a cot, or am completely TOed. This is pretty new to me. I rarely have strong opinions about anything important and when I do, it's either one or the other, not both. EXAMPLE: I hated my old job. At best I disliked it, and at worst I loathed it. Now, here I am in my new(er) job and I either loathe it or love it, but never much indifference in between. One might wonder what could arouse such a normally indifferent person to such extremes. So, I have decided to post the things I love and hate about my job.

Things I Love

Things I Hate

Overall, I can't say I don't like my job, nor can I honestly say that I do like it. More or less, when people ask how I like my job I say something vague to the effect of "Sometimes." Little do they know that the "sometimes" that I "like" my job, I actually love it, and the other times, I despise it.

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It MUST be a Fed thing cause I have close to the same sentiments that you do, especially the "not my job" comments and the lenght of time to get little things done.

I have another positive and negative that I would add to the lists.

+ flexible schedule and plenty of time off

- how people that are lazy and don't do their job don't have to worry very much about losing their job

I "FEEL" your love/hate job pain.

22/9/05 16:24  

No, I pretty sure it's just a government thing. I work for the state, and let me tell you, I see some pretty ridiculous things.

Like the new secretary they just hired for the department head who doesn't know who to create an attachment to an email.

22/9/05 19:45  


Yeah, I used to enjoy a flexible schedule and lots of time off and then we got a new boss... Atilla the Hun. Now, we can't deviate from our schedules at ALL.

23/9/05 08:12  


26/9/05 19:53  

Oh yeah. Big bummer.

Hey, Allen, do you have a masters? One of my friends wants to know.

27/9/05 19:08  

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