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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Secret Admirer disappeared

I had a secret admirer who always left me candy on my keyboard sometime between the time I left in the evening and came back in the morning. Who ever it was, always left good stuff too. Miniature candy bars, assorted hard candy. All sorts of stuff. Well, you can imagine my dismay when my secret admirer goes away and does not leave me any more candy. Do you know how hard it is to get through the morning without a little sugar jolt?* And whoever it was always really sweet about it. They put the candy next to the Chapstick I keep on my keyboard. But for days, I open my office door, look at my keyboard, and there is only my Chapstick. Oh the grief and heartache of losing a secret admirer. Oh, the suffering! So, I ask you. How can I get my secret admirer back when I never knew who it was??

*DISCLAIMER: I'm not really this shallow.
posted by Julie at 12:37 PM


Maybe you could put up a sign? Or leave candy for yourself before you go so it's there in the morning? No, that's too crazy. But it might make SA jealous if he thinks you have another on the side? And then he'd declare his undying love!

21/9/05 13:28  

Totally not shallow at all! Candy? Now that's deep. Touches the heart.

...well, at least mine anyway...

21/9/05 13:59  

Candy IS the universal language.

21/9/05 15:41  

Beth: I think you may be on to something....

21/9/05 15:41  

Maybe it was just a squirrel hiding his stash away for winter who was dismayed to see all his spoils disappear and finally got fed up with his obviously poor hiding place.

That, or a secret admirererererer.

21/9/05 16:23  

Cheer up. I'm sure he'll get out of jail soon.

21/9/05 17:52  

Thanks, Dan and Doug for your wonderful support of my self-esteem. ;)

22/9/05 08:00  

That's what we're here for.

22/9/05 11:29  

*sigh* yeah, I know....

22/9/05 12:07  

What I can't figure out is how mom got all the way down there every day for so long! That's really wierd!


22/9/05 16:18  


22/9/05 16:18  

Okay okay I confess I have been having it shipped to the janitor. Julie I've admired your blogging abilities for yea. . .months. I am your secret admirer!! Sick ain't it?

22/9/05 18:14  

OK, so up until now my secret admirer has been:

1. A squirrel
2. A convict
3. My Mom
4. My Cousin.

My love-life is AWEsome. LOL!

23/9/05 08:08  

You're a single AC. What love life? You should do what I do and start a hobby to take your mind off of it. For instance, I see how high I can count in one hour and then try to break that record the next hour!

27/9/05 00:14  

Wow. That's a great hobby. I knit, does that count?....

27/9/05 19:09  

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