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Friday, September 16, 2005

Alternate Universe??

In Michigan some sort of gateway (like the Bermuda Triangle claims to be) to an alternate universe and no one has shared this information with me?? If so, I think I have just slipped into an alternate universe. However, I am aware that this universe is counterfeit because, when I hit my programmed button for the Oldies Station in my car just now, it wasn't the Oldies Station at all. It was weird dorky 2000's POP! I HATE Pop! Does anyone else find this disturbing that I would press a button looking for cheerful little "bop-shu-ops" and got instead a boy-band??? I kept waiting for a voice to break into the music to tell me that it was an Alltell commercial, but it never happened. Then I kept waiting for an announcer to break in and say, "Whoops. Accidentally put in my CD, guys. Sorry about the mix-up." But that never happened either!!! WHERE ARE MY OLDIES??? If you have seen my Oldies will you tell them that they are desperately missed in Lansing, Michigan? Tell 'em that I love them and that I'm looking for them. I am will to pay any rescuer of my Oldies 33 three dollar bills (which equals $99) upon the safe restoration of my Oldies music.
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I am with you. Michigan is another planet.

I found a Christian radio station that I really loved this summer and it has disappeared. They didn't even replace it with bad pop music, just a buzzing noise. It is a very depressing sound to here when I go through my radio presets.

16/9/05 21:34  

I love buzzing noise. It reminds me of driving through a bunch of bees at 100 miles an hour.

17/9/05 17:35  

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just found out that they DID kill my radio station!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think I'm living in the Matrix. *glance over my shoulder*

19/9/05 08:02  

Then you should totally start beating the crap outta people and dodging bullets. Most likely they are agents anyway.....

19/9/05 17:05  

Sorry to hear that you lost you station. I am happy to report that my re-emerged from its black hole sometime when I was gone this weekend. Yippe!!

19/9/05 21:11  


29/10/05 01:44  

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