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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Julie's Definitions For "Leave" Days

Yes, the DoD is weird like that and calls all days off "leave" like we're in the military (which, the more I see of this place the more I realize that these people are closet militants :) ). So, here are the various types of leave that is available to a FED and my definition of what each type means.
  1. Annual Leave - Days in which you're in perfect health and that you take off for vacation or vacation-like purposes. Acceptable uses: planned vacations, unplanned Friday afternoon getaways.
  2. Sick Leave - Days in which you are feeling either physically or emotionally compromised and need to recuperate in order to function normally and/or days in which you have a medical examination of any kind. Acceptable uses: dentist appointments, feeling "ucky", mental health days.
  3. Holiday Leave - Days that are set aside for national holidays.
  4. Administrative Leave - Days that are approved of by a supervisor that doesn't fit into any of the other categories. Acceptable uses: time off to vote, religious holidays that are not otherwise authorized, donating blood.

So far this week I've had accumulated two sick days, and today, I am at work, though I feel like a limp rag. So, if I took another day off just to sit at home and feel like a limp rag would that be a sick day? I've kinda been doing my work. I haven't really finished anything because the ADD really kicks in when I feel like a limp rag, but I can't say as though I'm feeling "compromised". Some examples of my ADD are as follows:

Things I've accomplished today:

So, is there any leave time for those I'm trying to recover from the foggy, "I was sick, but now am just tired" days? Is that a sick day or a vacation day? And I think I will start lobbying for "limp rag" days. For days when you're just off enough to not be exactly productive but well enough to drag into work.

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I'd say you're doing it just right. Drag yourself into work, and then be a limp rag there. At least it's less noticable.

6/10/05 14:57  

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