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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weather Forecasts

I've never realized before how much I respond to weather forecasts. Some forecasts, for example make me giddy with excitement, while others, give me that knot in my stomach that says, "If it's like this one more day I'm gonna freak." So, I think I will compile a list of Michigan weather forecasts and my response.

Today's high is 93. This morning expect some fog for your morning commute, but it'll burn off by 11:00.
When I hear this forecast I tend to grin evilly and get inexplicably excited. Then I get out the phonebook and look up outdoor pools in the area.

Today's high is 21 degrees with a wind-chill of -3 degrees. Watch out for that wind today, folks. We're looking at winds upwards of 30 mph!
Sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Do my laundry to make sure I have 7 clean shirts to wear.

Today's high is 54. It'll be partly sunny and we're lookin' at a clear night ahead, cover up your tomato plants!
Anger. Stop teasing me! It's warm but not warm enough, sunny but not sunny enough, and (the worst part of it) I'll have to scrape frost off my car in the morning.

Today we're looking at a high of 29. We're going to get hammered with about 12-14 inches of snow. You can expect blizzard-like conditions starting at 1:00 this afternoon and lasting into tomorrow morning.
Yes! Yes! Yes! This is why God created Michigan! This is my absolute favorite kind of Michigan winter day. I go to Meijer. Get junk food. Go to Blockbuster. Get movies. Call work. Get the day off, and then sit and watch the snow come down for hours on end and possibly go take a romp around in it at about midnight.

Today's high is 43 and we should experience drizzle all day long. After the sun goes down we probably see that drizzle turn into sleet. Gonna be an icy one out there tomorrow.
Roll over pull my flannel sheets over my head and go back to sleep. In my opinion that's the only thing to do on a day like that.

Gonna be a sticky one, people. It's only going to be 84, but the Heat Index is 101! If you go outside, be sure to take lots of fluids and sun-screen with you.
Ugh.... Wonderful. If I wanted to live in Florida.... Grab your towel, your sun-screen and go to the beach. With any luck it'll feel cooler by the water.

So, there you have it. That's how I feel about certain weather forecasts. You can see now, why it's so stressful to live in Michigan. :) It's not quite like San Diego where they tape the weather forecast once and then play it every day until for the next 13 years. It's up and it's down, and along with it goes lil' ol' you - just trying to decide what cloths match a weather forecast that starts the day with 30 degrees and ends it at 75.
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My gosh, that's exactly why I miss Michigan! The weather forecasters here are so desparate and bored that they break out the little angry clouds with rain drops and lightening bolts for a, get this, TEN PERCENT chance of rain. I mean, I tell you. It's like they're just willing the weather to change.

btw, really funny, well written post. Sorry about the random unsolicitated critique... it just had to be said. :D

12/10/05 19:11  

Arizona weather forcasts are borning, but remember the snow gets old after about a day.

Personally, when I hear 80+ degrees plus high humidity I crank up my air condition and stay inside! I hate being hot, hence why I haven't joined my sister in sunny Phoenix.

Not that I like being cold either though. I think I need to move to a place where the weather is in the early 70's all the time. That would be my ideal. My brother says that is Hawaii.

12/10/05 22:34  

Yeah, 10% rain is a joke. I mean what does that transalate to? "You might see a cloud today"?? LOL!

70's is still sweatshirt weather in my book. I like it to be hot, but not sticky much.

13/10/05 08:46  

Actually, around here, maybe it means that ten percent of the ground will be rained on. During monsoon season they get these quick little thunder storms. So I'm pretty sure it just means there's a thunderstorm roaming around and you've got a ten percent chance that it'll go over you for about five minutes.
And it's still too hot here. And the forecasters seem to think that's funny. I hate it when the forecasters think the bad weather is funny. They do it in MI too. Smug losers.
It's just now this week starting to be weather I can get behind. The rest I protest.
Wow. I'm like a grumpy old man this morning.

13/10/05 09:35  

LOL! They ARE smug. That annoys me to. When they say cheerfully that they lost count of days where the temp was under zero, I want to smack 'em.

13/10/05 12:47  

Juls you get whatchya get weather you like it or not. Don't slap me for my warm up humor, or give me the cold and stormy stare!

13/10/05 14:15  

Got a solution...Move to Kansas!

14/10/05 01:06  

Every time my niece hears the weather man start talking she starts to yelp and babble at the guy. She's only 18 months old and she knows not to trust the weirdos.

PS. My word verification this time is fhjqnq!

2 Q's! It's my lucky day.

14/10/05 17:42  

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