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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Things I'd Be Very Successful At

(I know, I know, I should end titles with prepositions.....)

After a two and a half conversation with my friend, Beth, yesterday, I realized that there's a lot of things that I could do well, another group of things that I'd enjoy, but the two rarely coincide (we were actually talking about this in a different context but it applies to career too). Therein, I believe, lies success. Success isn't just being good at something, it's having that something be good for you in return.

So, I've compiled a list of things that I'm really good at, and that I really enjoy as well. You may understand after reading this, why I'm not exactly 100% pumped about my job*.
  1. Knitting
  2. Dreaming (if there was a market for day-dreaming, I would make a killing)
  3. Talking to friends on my cell phone (I don't like telemarketing - or any business over the phone - just straight-up chit chat)
  4. Cooking (yes, you read that correctly, I have recently taken up cooking and I think I could keep about seven families in good eatin' if I had the time)
  5. Beautifying (I cut my roommate's hair, sometimes style it, sometimes do her make-up, etc. I love it.)
  6. Swimming
  7. Music (especially when I played in band. I like the sound of piano music more than band music but band was a scream.)

And then people wonder why I'm bored at work.... It doesn't have any of those things. :)

*I'm actually about 75% pumped about my job. Yup, just average. Just a "C". I like it OK, it pays the bills, can be somewhat entertaining. It's not a complete bust.

posted by Julie at 12:39 PM


A wise woman once told me: Sometimes our jobs will never be what we love to do. Sometimes what we love to do has to happen after the hours of 9-5. Maybe that's why some people are "just secretaries" thier whole lives: because what they're good at... what they LOVE to do... just can't be accomplished as a full time job. Sometimes I think that's me.

26/10/05 14:52  

Stephanie: Good call. That's definitely me. :)

26/10/05 15:21  

Ok, I can't leave your title this way....must....correct

Things at Which I Would Be Very Successful

Heck. I'd say playing ping-pong at work definitely makes an average C. However, I would have to concur with Stephanie's comment.

26/10/05 17:01  

I've got a GREAT idea! How about I hire you to beautify me and serenade me all day long. you could follow me around campus with a piano on wheels! Oh this is exciting! What's your going rate???

26/10/05 17:21  

You forgot to add "hunting and/or eating chocolate cake" to your list.

I definetly think you could go pro on that one.

26/10/05 21:24  

Mare: TOTALLY right! I would ROCK at that.

Tif: I'd cut you a deal since you're a friend. As long the wheels that my piano is on has a little motor too. I don't want to be pushing it. Those things are heavy!

Brooke: LOL!

27/10/05 08:44  

Ok Julie, since Tifani already has you hired as her beautifier I'd love to hire you as my personal chef. Last summer I loved it, but this year it just lost its appeal.

So yeah, just let me know when you can start ;)

27/10/05 10:57  

Question: How can I be with Tifani (in KS) and Dan (in MI) at the same time?

27/10/05 12:58  

If you were like Solomon you would offer to cut the wanted thing in half....*wink*

27/10/05 16:02  

LOL! OK...... Why don't we just cut me in half and give half to Tif and half to Dan...... *crickets chirping* Guys? *frogs glupping* One of you is going to save me, right?

27/10/05 16:43  

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