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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Third-Hand Message

My friend, Beth, heard this message the other night, and told me about it, and now in return I will tell you about it because it that's what people do with things that speak to them. They share them. Obviously. :) The speaker told Beth, Beth told me, and now I will tell you (so if I don't do the speech justice, don't kill the messenger).

As people who believe in the gospel of Christ we accept certain beliefs without even thinking about it. We believe that Christ rose from the grave and therein base our salvation since He conquered death for all of us. We also accept the reason why we need salvation is because we all have a propensity to "sin" (which is a theological term to describe the behavior when one "violates a law of God or a moral law") and this sin/violation causes death. No surprises there.

But why? Why would a god save offenders? And for what? What is He saving them for? Our pat Christian response is: "so we can live eternally with Him." But we in our minds (or at least in mine) think of that as: "so we can go to Heaven." But we're missing the other key word in our pat little phrase. We got the "eternal" thing down. We know all about Heaven and we know all about the alternative. But what about the other key word. He saved us for life. He saved us for joy. He saved us for celebration. Why wait? Why wait until our "eternal reward" to be joyful and to celebrate? Why wait until death to start living? Enjoy your life! That you have both breath and life is a gift. We don't just have blood and breath and a period of time. We have so much more. Celebrate! Don't wait to start celebrating. Start right now. Rejoice and celebrate today for you have life!

Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. - Psalm 70:4
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Juls, That is the best post you written in a while. Can we throw a party now?

19/10/05 13:45  

define "best".....

19/10/05 14:24  


19/10/05 14:35  

Amen sistah!

19/10/05 17:46  

Well, it was witty, well written for once, and I can the hand massage already.

20/10/05 11:21  

Yeah, it still just gets me. I'll have to make a sign or something to hang up so I can see it every day.

20/10/05 20:56  

One of my friends made me those little hangy things that you attach to the stem of a goblet so you can tell which glass is who's at a fancy party, and she made them with beads and one of the beads says "celebrate life" on it. Maybe I need to make myself a celebrate life watch or something that'll remind me every time I look at it.

21/10/05 08:21  

Julie~ thank you for your post! It's a great reminder that eventhough we are going to Heaven, that we need celebrate the life we have here on earth. We can be witnesses to those who need God and the numbers will hopefully multiply..

Thank you for your comment on Luke's blog also.. *you know what I'm talking about* :)

21/10/05 12:11  

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