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Thursday, October 27, 2005

FED Files - Volume XIV

Minutes From The 10/26/05 Intern Meeting*
(I sent this to a friend who missed the meeting)

After the debate prompted by Sarah at last week's intern meeting about the "class names" (she thought that maybe the '04 interns could be called the stars and the '05 interns could be called the moons), we have decided to go with the "Level 1's" and the "Level 2s". The supervisor thought it was too high school to call the classes "junior" and "senior" level interns. Another idea that was generated was to not worry about offending one person, but to offend them all and give us names that are universally insulting. That was rejected. So, even though Lawrence rose some concerns about a possible confusion as to which class would be "Level 1" and which would be "Level 2", that was our final decision.

Discussion of our permanent placements.** It was announced that the final decision will be announced for the entire Level 2 class next week.

We covered - in some detail - the impact of the new NBA dress code on the United States. The rules of the dress code were disclosed and discussed at great length. It was decided that the NBA is looking into the future and seeing that it could expand globally, and so it would be advantageous for the players of the NBA not to look like rappers.

That discussion prompted a dialogue about re-naming sports teams that are named after Native American tribes and whether that is or is not offensive. That issue is unresolved by the interns at this time.

The meeting ended with an anecdote from Lawrence about the Monday Night Football game he attended in Atlanta on 10/24/05.

Meeting adjourned.

*Trust me, I am not creative enough to make this stuff up. This was the actual content of a meeting.
**Yes, you read that correctly. For anyone who is curious about where I'll transfer and when, I got the when (August 26th), and I'll get the where next week. It sounds promising that I'll be leaving Battle Creek.
posted by Julie at 11:23 AM


Questions this raised for me:

Would naming the interns after Native Americans be insulting?

Would universally insulting team names be things like The Scab, and The Pusses?

Are level two the more advanced or the less advanced?

Stars and Moons? Is she in second grade?

Wouldn't Rock, Paper, Scissors be good names denoting senority? But what would be the levels, there's nothing that beats them all?

Why is that sports is something that everyone is supposed to be interested in? Why does Ben always pretend he knows what other guys are talking about when they ramble on about sports to him?

Is there a chance Julie will come to Phoenix!? Wait, didn't she already tell me there's not an office for her to work at in Phoenix?

27/10/05 14:50  

Answers for Beth:

1. Yes, if the CMU Chipawas have to change their names, then interns should not be named the Chipawas either.

2. Universally insulting names that were raised included "geezers", "newbies", "pleebs", "old farts"... etc.

3. Level 2 is more advanced. I'm a Level 2 since this is my second year.

4. She actually got the idea from a preschool class she was an aide for in college. Yes, Yes, I know. Ridiculous.

5. The only thing that beats all the levels is to graduate from the program (which occurs on the last day of your second year).

6. AGREED! Guys ALWAYS assume that sports is the universal language. I don't know why. Could any guys help me out with this one?

7. I don't know where I'm going yet. We were told that everyone got something on their list. So, I'm assuming that I'll either be at Camp Pendleton (San Diego) or Port Hueneme (30 miles west of LA).

27/10/05 16:42  

So do I hear Fort Riley calling????

27/10/05 16:50  

Cause that was like #3 right??

27/10/05 16:50  

C'MON Camp Pendleton!!

(It's close enough.)

27/10/05 18:04  

...I'm waiting for the email. odd.

you're missing out on a lot of Aaron stories. Like how I joined the Peace Corps.

Hark, I think I hear an e-mail coming!

27/10/05 18:12  

Beth: Yeah, Pendleton would be swell. How far is that for you?

Brooke: When do you graduate again? ;)

Aaron: WHAT??!!?? WHERE ARE YOU GOING??!!?? THAT'S AWEsome!!

28/10/05 12:09  

Well, still about 4-6 hours, but way more doable than MI. Not to mention visiting pretty pretty San Diego.

28/10/05 16:35  


29/10/05 01:46  

Yeah go south and west dude. OH is no place for young single woman looking to make an impact on their agency!!!

Sports are the universal language because everyone with sense loves to compete and beat each other senseless. Capeash?

31/10/05 13:23  

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