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Monday, October 31, 2005

H-hhhapp-pp-py Hallllllowee-een

Th-this morn-n-n-ing I was-s-s asked-ed to p-pass out-t can-n-n-dy to-to the kids from-m the day-cccc-care cent-ter.

I shhhhoulda d-d-d-done m-m-more pass-s-sing and-d less-s-s eat-t-t-ting.

Kk-kinda-da hav-v-ve a sug-gar rush.....

It-t's getting-ing bet-t-t-t-ter, though. I th-think I fin-nally got-t the cor-rect-rect num-m-mber of "Ls" in "Hallllllowee-een."
posted by Julie at 4:38 PM


LOL! It's like a glimpse into my day tomorrow when I have a room of 26 kids high on sugar.


31/10/05 19:52  

LOL! Yeah, I was pretty trashed all evening. I had a huge I'm-coming-off-sugar headache. But I feel better now. Good luck with your kids. :)

1/11/05 08:14 that's what I'm missing! Haven't had one of those highs in a LONG time!! Good to hear you had fun.

1/11/05 14:48  

Remember the time we had a couple of those gigantic pixy-stix in one day without lunch. I was pretty messed up that day too.

1/11/05 15:42  

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