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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Permanent Placement

This is how the meeting went. It was the shortest meeting I have ever been to. It lasted four minutes. My supervisor (De) and her supervisor (Rose) were both in the meeting and it started with Rose saying:

Rose: I think we all know how we decided to place you guys. We asked you for a list of places that you'd be willing to transfer to, and we tried to match those lists with places that had openings. We then filled the openings with you guys and took the opening off the market and then asked the field management group and the headquarters management group if they would be willing to hold these positions for you. We had better luck with some of you than others.

De: So, for those of you that will be relocating, there's an office at DLA (our mother agency) that handles Permanent Change of Stations (PCS) and the cost. They have a customer care center and their number is..... Now for the list: Sarah, you're assigned to DRMS-P, Battle Creek. Dan, DRMS-P, Battle Creek. Aaron, DRMS-P, Battle Creek, Lawrence, DRMS-BCE, Battle Creek, John, DRMS-Central, Ft. Sill, OK. Casey, DRMS-Central, Wright Patterson AFB, OH. Julie, Camp Pendleton, CA. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

Us: OK.

Meeting adjourned. Everyone, literally everyone, got exactly what they wanted. So, we all walk out in a daze, and get the heck out of dodge in case someone, anyone changed their mind.

So, here's a little about Camp Pendleton. It's in Northern San Diego, on the ocean. The nearest city is Oceanside. Camp Pendleton hosts over 60,000 military and civilian personnel every day, of which, it is reasonable to expect that I will be one.
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Congrats - that was what you wanted, wasn't it?

Hey, you will only be 6 hours from Phoenix so when I come to Phoenix I can find a way to visit you!

16/11/05 16:00  


16/11/05 17:12  

Whooo! Close enough for me. :D

16/11/05 19:09  

What a blessings... What a miracle! Julie I am so glad for you I don't know what to say! All I can picture in my head is you walking along the beach, the sun reflecting off your stylish sunglasses, your hair being blown in the wind and the ocean lapping up againgst your browned feet! I pray all the best to you as you move forward! The Lord Bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you; the Lord be Gracious unto you and give you peace Julie! Love in Him, Stephanie

16/11/05 19:59  

A California girl, huh. Good for you!

I expect you here in Phoenix at least two times a month! :-)

16/11/05 22:18  

...I wish they all could be California girls

17/11/05 10:53  

WOW! Congrats Jules! :)

17/11/05 10:58  

hey julie- jake sent me the link to your blog. it has already brought me much joy. it is a great distraction from doing the work that i should be! im excited to see you this weekend and hear all about this job transfer!

17/11/05 12:00  

Man Brooke! You took my best line! I wanted to say "I wish they all could be California Girls. . " which only leaves me with the quip "I wish I could be a California Girl. . ." and that ain't happenin. . .in.

Juls. YEAHHHHH!!! I am so happy for you dudette. It will be so good to have you as far from me as humanly possible and still be a US citizen. I will feel so much better with you so far away.

See I told you God brings dreams true. Remember he makes them in the first place. It's official you will have to disband the Cynics club.

17/11/05 13:08  

Disband the cynics club? NEVER!! :)

17/11/05 14:08  

California is farther away from Nebraska than Michigan is...

This is all so....
your post was so....
why is everything so....
something is


30/11/05 01:48  

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