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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I've Been Discovered!

After a particularly heart-warming and spectacular performance of "O Holy Night" last night in my car (on my way back from swimming), I realized that Michael Crawford and I were meant to sing together.

Other News Items:
  1. There has been more email traffic about our Thanksgiving lunch potluck than there has been about actual work. When the traffic slowed down, I threw another log on the fire and suggested that a sign up sheet be created so that we don't all bring sweet potatoes. Another email storm ensued.
  2. My hair is weird for an entire day after swimming class (all dry and even though I wash it, it still smells faintly of chlorine).
  3. My new swimming instructor made me get goggles for the first time in my career. I hate goggles, but I am now the proud owner of a pair of pink Nike goggles (I was severely limited by the time of year - pink was my only option).
  4. I get to go to Ft. Lewis (Seattle, WA) for a week in December (for work). I'm really excited about that because I hear that Seattle is a really cool city, and I have no excuse to go there other than business.
  5. I had more trouble than usual getting up this morning - I mean, I always have trouble getting up, but this morning it was about an hour and fifteen minutes instead of my usual hour.

That's all I have to say right now. I just want you all to know that when Michael and I start touring together, you are all cordially invited.

posted by Julie at 8:55 AM


I can imagine that caused some trouble. I mean... who would bring sweet potatoes? :)

8/11/05 09:15  

Sweet! Do friends get front row tickets and backstage passes??

8/11/05 10:49  

Beth: I know! I saw it as a really legitimate delimma, and was suprised that 50 million emails didn't cover the possibility that no one knew what everyone else was bringing.

Brooke: Definitely. Trust me, when I'm rich and famous singing with Michael Crawford you can not only get front row tickets and backstages passes, you (and Vince can benefit from this too) can even get autographs. But don't tell anyone else.

8/11/05 11:29  

That sounds like the problem with the government today. Know one there knows how to run a pot luck. Guess we should put some nice church ladies in charge of the whole country. Then things would get done!

8/11/05 12:07  

Every time I hear the name Michael Crawford I am torn between the vision of a creepy guy running around the stage in a white mask and an awkward looking guy dancing in Hello Dolley with Barbara S.

8/11/05 15:28  

Beth: LOL! I remember when the Iraq thing first started in '03 I got a forward about letting mothers be investigators. The thought process being, they would hunt down Sadam in a matter of hours, grab him by the ear, and guilt him out of being bad. So, maybe you're on to something.

Janelle: SING TO ME, MY ANGEL!!!!

8/11/05 15:49  

Most definitely, let me know when the tour begins. By the way, Seattle is a neat and fun city.

9/11/05 15:15  

I can't help but sit here and smile when I read your blog!

9/11/05 15:53  

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