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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't You Hate It When...

You're swing isn't adjusted to the curve ball and it busts your knuckles?

You wake up way, way too early and way, way too tired and you're so wired already you won't sleep for days?

You have so many balls up in the air you lose track of one and it comes down and bonks you in the head?

You have meetings until Thanksgiving which could all potentially change your life in different ways and none of the ideas match?

I know I hate that. :) But such is the life of a 20-something.
posted by Julie at 8:58 AM


Ug. I hate times like that, they stink. The good thing about them is, they won't last forever, eventually it will be over. Keep your chin up!

16/11/05 11:46  

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