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Thursday, December 01, 2005

We Took It Ourselves

Not with a Timer.... Not with some fancy device.... Just me, him, and a disposable Kodak the day we got engaged. :) You should have seen the other ones. Hilarious. Not very useful. But very funny. Brian's mom is really into photography, and is really good at it, and the whole time we were taking pictures of ourselves we kept saying, "Your mom would be so ashamed..." But alas. Here is the best picture of both of us. We'll have to post some "real" pics when we get them.
posted by Julie at 8:37 AM


Whoops. Screwed up the crop too. :) Don't mind me, I don't know how to either take pictures or upload them on my blog. :)

1/12/05 09:01  

It looks good! I like that picture, very cute and happy.

1/12/05 09:18  

ooooo...he is so "dreamy" :-)


1/12/05 10:07  

Ahhhhhh. . .at last. The day we never thought would arrive! A scene we (and I refuse to tell you who "we" is) ever see. Fine pair of. . .

1/12/05 11:19  

yes, yes, we know.... we get that a lot. Pretty much everyone who knows us both was like, "It's about freaking time!"

1/12/05 13:00  


1/12/05 16:04  

That's great!!

1/12/05 18:59  

Brooke - you took the words right out of my mouth. I was in the middle of debating how to write awwww when I read the rest of the comments.

So I guess that means double awwwwww...

I am beginning to think that Brian is anonymous. Fess up!

1/12/05 19:24  

The pic is great!! It makes me smile.

And Julie, I need the rest of the story....or the details again....when I'm completely focused and don't have someone else talking in my other ear, however amazing that "someone else" happens to be.... ;-)

...and I've used a lot of ellipses...

1/12/05 20:34  

Happiness abounding through the eyes and the smiles!

2/12/05 17:42  

Hey Jules,
Finally got online to say CONGRATULATIONS! :) I was shocked to get the phone call from you, but I'm really glad that it was all good news. Thanks for the pic on here since I haven't met Brian! Good shot considering all the practice you had of taking an arm's length picture of yourself through the years at PHS! :)

2/12/05 20:16  

Warm fuzzies here at work!! I'll be smiling for you the rest of the day!

6/12/05 14:22  

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