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Monday, November 28, 2005

My Holiday Weekend Synopsis

  1. Watched the new Pride and Prejudice with my friend, Janelle. Still trying to figure out if I liked it or not. I think it went to fast (but the new Mr. Darcy was really good).
  2. Met up with my dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving feast including 9 pies for 28 people (5 of which are under the age of ten).
  3. Got my engagement to my best friend, Brian Knudstrup, announced at church (we're planning a July '06 wedding).
  4. Met the in-laws (who weren't as scary as they tend to be in movies - at least they didn't whip out a polygraph test or anything).
  5. Went Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping at the mall with my fam (it was less busy than I thought it would be. After all the sales at 3:00AM people must have been tired and went home).
  6. Played about 15 hours of Yahtzee on my dad's little hand-held Yahtzee game.
  7. Got about twenty hours of sleep and could finally eat something other than Boston Market Mac and Cheese (that's all I could eat for days worrying about what he was going to say) after I got the chance to talk to Brian about my transfer/job.

All in all it was the single most busy and single most exciting Thanksgiving weekend I have ever had. I hope all of you too experienced some Thanksgiving cheer.

posted by Julie at 9:05 AM


That sounds like one of the best Thanksgivings ever described! Congratulations! ;)

28/11/05 11:10  

Lights went out, most of kansas was under tornado watch, 50 mile an hour winds for most of the evening..... yeah Thanksgiving was awesome. Thankful for no tornados that evening, thankful for a house to keep us out of the wind, thankful for a candle light evening, AND SO VERY thankful that a ggod friend found her belvoed. That's so cool Julie. Congradulations.

28/11/05 11:19  

I'm feeling engaged vicariously through you...oh wait...I am engaged....


28/11/05 14:29  

Congratulations!! I want to a picture.

28/11/05 15:24  

Anonymous: Who are you? :)

I'll be posting pictures sooner than later. We took some - of ourselves - last week (we expect our heads to be chopped off in all of them), but we did it on a disposable camera and we didn't use the whole thing, so we'll have to finish the roll and try get them developed.

28/11/05 15:45  

i can't believe i talked to you at mus and i didn't even sense that something this big was brewing in your mind! sneaky, sneaky... but i am very, very happy for you!

28/11/05 21:45  

da dum dada, da dum dada

Congratulations again! So happy for you.

That was very understated, I can't believe you listed our P&P going experinece first. I am currently in the "I think I like it but I still I love Colin Firth's version better!"

Don't worry Brian, I know the mentioning our movie date first isn't a sign that she loves me better. :)

I still can't wait to see the close up pictures.

28/11/05 21:49  

Congratulations, Julie! I would love to see photos! Where is Brian from?

28/11/05 21:59  

Brian is originally from Alto, Michigan, and is now in Leo, IN. We will probably be uploading pictures soon. One of our problems is that we do have pictures of ourselves, but we not only took them ourselves, but we haven't developed them. So, we'll see if we have anything salvagable to upload. :)

29/11/05 11:24  

That's my cuz! Hey can you give me some of your sleep?

29/11/05 12:40  

Hey, I said it like 20 times on the phone on Sunday...but congratulations. It was really great to hear how happy and excited you were. I really like hearing about people's engagements as it's still really novel to me. Luckily I have like 1,000,000 friends getting engaged this year so lots of stories to hear :)

29/11/05 16:30  

it's all so....
this post is so...
somethings so...

30/11/05 01:44  

Congrats Jules!

I plan to be there and enjoy a piece of the delicious chocolate cake that I am SURE will be served at your wedding.


30/11/05 18:54  

Chocolate Cake will most definitely be served at my wedding. You'll be home, right??

1/12/05 13:02  

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