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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Things That Crack Me Up

  1. My mom always tells me that she hates it when I pick out the restaurant because they're always "so loud". So, when I picked out Emil's Italian Eatery as the venue for our "introduce Brian to the family" dinner, the first thing she asked was, "It's not a noisy restaurant, is it? I hate noisy restaurants." I wanted to laugh and say, "Uh... Mom? Whenever you bring fourteen very jolly people - four of which are very lively children - into an enclosed place like a restaurant, it will be 'noisy'."
  2. Thinking about the time my friend, Beth, hit herself in the face with a tennis racquet (the funniest part about it was that she was trying so hard....).
  3. That Brian wants orange bridesmaids dresses (I guess in July, though, we probably could pull off orange bridesmaid dresses).
  4. That Josh's cats names are $noop and Dawg.
  5. That I'm so bored with editing that I caught myself singing "Carol of the Bells" to myself.
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I was thinking that I'm actually working at a bookstore on U of M's campus during book buy back I nuts?

15/12/05 06:35  

Next time your mom asks you why you picked out a "loud" restaraunt, ask her if she would like to cater it herself, because "that would make it much more quiet"

See what she says :p

15/12/05 08:46  

speaking of picking out loud restaurants... my mom actually asked me in an email yesterday to pick a place out in Ann Arbor that is nice and quiet so my dad doesn't get up and leave in the midst of dinner because he can't hear anything! I thought of doing a dinner in the apt, but the hassle and having 6 people in a small area doesn't bode well for our sanity, so I guess the search is on! wish me luck!

16/12/05 07:17  

Tracy: Yes, you are nuts. :P And Good luck!

Brooke: Yeah, did I tell you that at our "quiet" restaraunt, the kids were literally sprinting in circles around the table for about 45 minutes. :)

16/12/05 09:03  

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